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JLSB---COVER-2Journal of Life Science and Biomedicine

ISSN: 2251-9939

Frequency: Bimonthly

Current Issue: 2019, Vol: 9, Issue 4 (July)


The Journal of Life Science and Biomedicine is aimed to improve the quality and standard of life with emphasis on the related branches of science such as biology, physiology, biochemistry, zoology, anatomy, pathology and their applications and innovations in medicine and healthcare... view full aims and scope


preeclamptic pregnant women, OJAFRResearch Paper

Hematological and selected biochemical indices in preeclamptic pregnant women attending Elnihoud teaching hospital.

Hobiel Ahmed HA and Suleiman Amin MA.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 9(4): 117-121, 2019; pii:S225199391900018-9

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Research Paper

Comparison of two methods of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with lavsan (polyethylene terephtalate).

Irismetov ME, Usmonov FM, Shamshimetov DF, Kholikov AM, Rajabov KN, Tadjinazarov MB.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 9(4): 109-116, 2019; pii:S225199391900017-9

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Review on: regenerative medicine, tissue engineering and stem cell therapy in diabetes mellitus.

Birhan M.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 9(4): 102-108, 2019; pii:S225199391900016-9

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Research Paper

Characteristics and early clinical outcomes of patients undergoing living-related kidney transplantation.

Nazirov FG, Bakhritdinov FSh, Ibadov RA, Matkarimov ZT, Suyumov AS, Sobirov JG, Ibragimov SKh.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 9(4): 96-101, 2019; pii:S225199391900015-9

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

Research Paper

Effectiveness of stage by stage bariatric interventions for regression of comorbidity at obese class III patients.

Nazirov FG, Khashimov ShKh, Makhmudov UM, Khaybullina ZR, Tuychiev OD.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 9(4): 89-95, 2019; pii:S225199391900014-9

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

Research Paper

Role and place of the endoscopic therapy in advanced stages of cardioesophageal cancer. 

Strusskiy LP, Nizamkhodjaev ZM, Ligay RE, Khusanov AM and Omonov RR.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 9(4): 82-88, 2019; pii:S225199391900013-9

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]


Diagnostic criteria for the synovial plica syndrome of the knee, a review. 

Irismetov ME, Tadjinazarov MB, Kholikov AM, Shamshimetov DF, Usmonov FM and Rajabov QN.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 9(3): 74-81, 2019; pii:S225199391900012-9

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]


Review on: biodiversity, ecosystem services and genetically modified organisms. 

Birhan M, Dejene H and Kenubih A.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 9(3): 68-73, 2019; pii:S225199391900011-9

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JLSB-24March-2019-Kidney_TransplantResearch Paper

Etiological circumstances and pathogenic aspects of pulmonary infectious complications in recipients of kidney transplant. 

Ibadov RA, Ibragimov SKh, Shaniyeva ZA, Matkarimov ZT, Ibadov RR.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 9(3): 64-67, 2019; pii:S225199391900010-9

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]


Current status of stem cell therapy. 

Birhan M, Kinubeh A, and Yayeh M.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 9(2): 52-63, 2019; pii:S225199391900009-9

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JLSB-27Jan-2019Research Paper

Geprotsel, biocompatible implant: comparative estimation of its application results for providing airstasis and hemostasis in the lung surgery. 

Khudaybergenov ShN, Eshonkhodjaev OD, and Khalmuratova MK.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 9(2): 45-51, 2019; pii:S225199391900008-9

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JLSB_Letter_to_Editor-lowLetter to Editor

The use of a new hemostatic preparation made of the cellulose derivatives in surgery: “warning” for postoperative complications! 

Franceschini G, Di Leone A, Visconti G, Masetti R.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 9(2): 42-44, 2019; pii:S225199391900007-9

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

JLSB-Nov15-2018-lowResearch Paper

Comparative efficacy of the hemostatic implant made of the cellulose derivatives on the model of parenchymatous hemorrhage from liver.

Ismailov BA, Sadykov RA, and Mirzaahmedov BM.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 9(1): 34-41, 2019; pii:S225199391900006-9

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]


Transluminal balloon valvotomy in the surgical treatment of mitral stenosis in pregnant women: a review.

Zufarov MM and Abdullaeva MA.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 9(1): 26-33, 2019; pii:S225199391900005-9

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

JLSB-1107-lowResearch Paper

New hemostatic preparation made of the cellulose derivatives.

Sadykov RA, Ismailov BA, and Valerevna KO.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 9(1): 19-25, 2019; pii:S225199391900004-9

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

JLSB-1110Research Paper

Analysis of heavy metal content of Cu, Pb, Hg and dissolved Sn in coastal of Banyuwangi district, Indonesia.

Setyaningrum, WE, Dewi KTA, Yuniartik M, Masithah DE.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 9(1): 10-18, 2019; pii:S225199391900003-9

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Research Paper

Impact of school meals’ type and time on children's food consumption, physical and behavioral activities.

Yousef M and Yousefi Z.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 9(1): 05-09, 2019; pii:S225199391900002-9

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

JLSB-1106_-_Women_PregnantResearch Paper

Features of the psychoemotional condition of women with induced pregnancy.

Asatova MM, Saidazova ShSh, and Voitova GA.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 9(1): 01-04, 2019; pii:S225199391900001-9

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