Volume 2 : Issue 4, July 2012

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Trends of poaching, Livestock Trespassing, Fishing and Resource Collection from 1986-2010 in Dinder National Park, Sudan

Original Research, B21

Yousif R.A. and Mohamed F.A.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 2(4): 105-110, 2012.

ABSTRACT: Poaching, Livestock trespassing and resource collection have been practiced in Dinder National Park (DNP) since its established in 1935.The aim of these study to providing information about the illegal activities. Collection the record of wildlife violation from the Wildlife Conservation General Administration (WCGA)from (1986-2010) in order to know the offenses in DNP, andit's clear all the offenses and violations of wildlife law had been done in recent decade. a high percentage for sheep confiscation from the park 2005(58.9%), Goat and Camel 2009 (49.1%,69.6%) respectively and also Charocal 2007 (75%).
DNP(Dinder National Park), Violation, offenses.


Effective Factors in Applying Information Technology in Developing Iran’s Educational System Human Source

Original Research, B22

Khorshidi, A. Hasani panah N. and Inanloo A.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 2(4): 111-115, 2012.

ABSTRACT: Present article is investigating important factors of applying information technology in developing human source of Iran’s educational system all principles point of view of the experts and according to information technology professionals who are studying at PhD level. Main aim of this study is answering 3 questions: What are effective factors in applying information technology in developing human source in Iran’s educational system? What indicators made these factors? And how’s the priority of these factors and indices. In the end of paper, results are discussed and useful recommendations are suggested.
Key words:
Information technology, Human source, Educational system


The Relationship between Depression and Response Style Based on Rumination

Original Research, B23

Boroomand, R. Mohammadi, K. and Dehqani, E.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 2(4): 116-119, 2012.

ABSTRACT: Present study is a correlative research that was performed aiming to review and determine the relationship between depression and response styles based on rumination. Using random sampling method, 361 undergraduate students, including 213 girls and 148 boys, has been selected from different faculties. In order to collect information and research data, the Beck Depression Inventory and Rumination Questionnaire were used. Results of study indicate that in comparing depression and rumination rates, the depression severity in girls is higher than boys and the girls use the response based on rumination more than boys. In the end of article, findings are discussed and practical recommendations are presented. 
Key words:
depression, Rumination, response based on rumination, undergraduate students


Comparative Study on the Knowledge of Breast and Cervical Cancer among Females in Rural and Urban Areas of Niger Delta

Original Research, B24

Onyije F.M., Waritimi E.G. and Atoni A.D.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 2(4): 120-124, 2012.

ABSTRACT: In developing nations one of the major causes of continuous increased rate of disease is due to lack of adequate knowledge concerning such ailment. Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer among women worldwide, while breast cancer is the most common malignant neoplasm affecting and causing mortality among women in the world. The aim of this research is to assess and compare the knowledge of breast and cervical cancer among women. A cross-sectional survey was conducted in Nigeria. Study was based on data from three hundred women from different backgrounds with age ranging from 15 to 56 years. Data collection was with the aid of questionnaire. 25% and 80%, said “yes” that cervical and breast cancers are curable, while 75% and 20% said “no” respectively. 61% and 68% said “yes” that they know the risk factor in cervical and breast cancer, while 39% and 32% said “no” they don’t know the risk factors respectively. Approximately 50% each said “yes” and “no” respectively to if they have heard of Pap smear. 35% of the respondents know of the screening Interval, 65% said “no”. 90% affirmed that regular checking of breast can help in early dictation, while 10% said “no” it will not. Forty percent said “yes” that breast cancer can be inherited, while 60% said “no”. Knowing about breast and cervical cancer in details will help to reduce the rate of these cancers in undeveloped and developing countries, thereby reducing the mortality rate caused by these diseases.
Key words:
Pathology, Neoplasm, Cytology, Breast and Cervical Cancer


Reliability and validity of the Hope Scale in the Iranian Students

Original Research, B25

Shehni-Yailagh, M., Kianpour Ghahfarkhi, F. Maktabi, G. H., Neasi, A. and Samavi A.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 2(4): 125-128, 2012.

ABSTRACT: The purpose of the present study was to assess the reliability and validity of the Iranian version of the Snyder Hope Scale. Using multistage random sampling method, 180 students (90 boys and 90 girls) were selected from first grade of high school. The hope scale was used to measure hope in the students. This scale was carefully translated and corresponded to the main scale by the authors. Then, to examine its validity, confirmatory factor analysis was carried out on its items and its reliability was calculated. Results of study indicate that the scale has appropriate psychometric qualities to be used in Iran. In the end of article, findings are discussed and practical recommendations are presented. 
Key words:
hope, agency, pathways, reliability, validity


The Relationship between Art and Psychology

Original Research, B26

Kamali, N., and Javdan, M.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 2(4): 129-133, 2012.

ABSTRACT: Art is one of important means to develop creativity and establishment of inner innovative forces if reinforced appropriately many mental problems of human beings could be resolved. Psychology is the science studies human behaviors such as fear, motivation to depression, mental and psychological disorders. However, art works to give sense and value to concepts humans touch them and feel them. Therefore, art can be regarded as an efficient tool either for increasing children’s and teenagers’ self-esteem or as a means for treatment of psychological problems. The interceding relationship between psychologies an art is in perception and sense it gives to every day's happenings and phenomena. This giving meaning in art is observable through creation of art masterpieces and in psychology could be evident unconsciously in individual’s personality. The Islamic education systems emphasizes on man’s nature, self-purification and its original content regards art as one of the most crucial and stable training styles and achieve salvation. Thus, the mission of art and psychology principally is objective explanation, growth and perfectness for human communities and consequently education and smoothing their soul in dealing with nature and human creations like the individual himself.
Key words:
art, psychology, art therapy


The Study of Continuity Causes of Married Life With Emphasis on the Role of Women in Marriage Continuity

Original Research, B27

Zainalipour, H., Zarei E., and Khademali. E.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 2(4): 134-136, 2012.

ABSTRACT: The current survey, generally aims at effective factors on the married life continuity along with defining their relation with attitude towards the married life. Descriptive- correlation method was applied here in this study. The statistical population, included women involving more than 20 years in couple life who lived in Bandar Abbas (Iran) Port, 370 of who were selected as sample by convenience sampling technique. The research tool applied here was researcher prepared questionnaire targeting "effective factors on marriage continuity" which the alpha of 96% was resulted. the findings derived from the aforementioned questionnaire, indicates that the more confidence and reliance, positive attitude, conflict resolution methods, positive attitudes towards financial affairs, agreement on the way spending leisure time, sexual relationship, children affairs, compliancy from friends and relatives, religious commons and recognition of wife is achieved, the more continuity will be reached on marriage life. Finally, a few suggestions are presented to the families and people in charge.
Key words: marriage continuity, women, attitude towards the married life


Effectiveness of Academic and Life Skills Instruction on the Freshmen Academic Achievement

Original Research, B28

Fallahchai, R.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 2(4): 137-141, 2012.

ABSTRACT: The purpose of this study was to examine the effectiveness of instruction of academic and life skills on the freshmen academic achievement. The research procedure was semi-experimental with pre-test and post-test design with a control group. The statistical sample included 170 freshmen were randomly selected and assigned in experimental and control groups. The instruments were Life skills inventory, average grade first term, and demographic questions. The experimental group attended in 10 weekly sessions (35 hours) of academic and life skills training. The   results   showed that the students who had received academic and life skills training gained significantly higher scores in life skills and academic achievement than those with no training . Also, not significant different between male and female students in the score of life skills and academic achievement observed. It seems that assessing and meeting student's life skills and academic achievement needs, especially in the first year of their study is very essential.
Key words:
academic skills, life skills, freshmen, academic achievement


Comparison of Self-Differentiation Amount Between Two Groups of Anxious and Non-Anxious People in Bandar Abbas

Original Research, B29

Nikbakht, A., Mir Ahmadi, B. and DashtiNejad, B.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 2(4): 142-146, 2012.

ABSTRACT: This study examined comparison of being distinctive amount between two groups of anxious and non-anxious people in Bandar Abbas. The study is causal- comparative research or after the event. Sample size in this study was 120 people. 60 people attended each group equally. For selection of sample, available sampling method was used. Distinctive Questionnaire of 46 questions (DSI) and Beck anxiety Inventory of 21 questions (BAI) for collecting, and multivariate variance analysis test was used to analyze the data of research. The main findings in the study showed that there are significant differences between anxious and non-anxious people about being distinctive amount but there is significant difference between men and women in this subject. Between anxious and non-anxious people about the four components of reactivity emotional, emotional faulting, emotional mixture, I position there was a significant difference, but between men and women only on the components of reactivity emotional, significant differences were observed. About components of the emotional faulting, emotional mixture, I position, significant difference between men and women was not observed. Generally, the study found that non-anxious people have higher level distinctive amount than anxious people and this led to reduce them anxiety.
Key words: distinctive, anxious, non-anxious


The Study of Structural Practice Approach vs. Awareness-Raising Approach in Teaching Verb Tenses to EFL Students

Original Research, B30

Mashhadi, A., and Haghnevis, M.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 2(4): 147-152, 2012.

ABSTRACT: This study intends to investigate the differences between two approaches to teaching English verb tenses to EFL learners, i.e., the formal instruction of structural pattern drills and the other is grammar task performance through ‘awareness-raising approach’. The participants in this study include 50 university students majored in English who were randomly selected from Islamic Azad University of Behbahan. To carry out the study, two kinds of teaching materials were utilized, i.e., the ‘awareness-raising’ tasks on verb tenses selected from “Grammar in action again” textbook and the ‘structurally-based’ lessons and activities on English verb tenses taken from “Communicate what you mean” textbook. Analyzing the data, the researchers came to the conclusion that in teaching English verb tenses to intermediate learners, awareness raising approach could lead to a better and more efficient contribution to learning verb tense aspects. The statistical analysis of subjects’ performances also proved that recent communicative approaches like awareness rising or consciousness rising, which use authentic and meaningful materials, are more favored by language learners. The implications of this study are considered in foreign language learning programs as well as material developing and text-book writing.
Key words:
EFL learners, awareness-raising approach, teaching verb tenses


The Impact of the Application of Teaching Art On the Increase of Creativity in Elementary Students

Original Research, B31

Araghieh, A. and Siadat, B.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 2(4): 153-160, 2012.

ABSTRACT: The current research is about the analysis of the application of art of the increase of creativity among female elementary school students in Islamshahr. In this research, for the selection of the sample group and also increasing the accuracy by using the simple random sampling based on the formula of determining sample volume by Bula, 80 female elementary students were selected. The tool for the evaluation of this research was the Torrens’s creativity pictorial test, form A. The validity and the reliability of this test were achieved by the Delphi technique that is polling the opinions of the experts in three phases with in, at least, fifteen days. The students were randomly divided into two control and experimental groups. The experimental group benefitted the new method of teaching art. The attained results of the Co-variance analysis indicate that there is a significant and direct correlation between the scaffolding of teaching art and the increase in the students’ creativity. The results indicated that the mean of the scores of four factors among in the testing group in the post-test was significantly higher than their grades in the pre-test and it indicated the impact of the method of teaching art on the fluidity, flexibility, innovation and the expansion of the students in the experimental group that were evaluated by the test. It seems that teaching art can have a desirable impact on the creativity of the students. To sum it up, we can say that the scaffolding of teaching art respectively leads to the increase in the four dimensions of Torrens’s creativity of pictorial testing of type A and the expansion, innovation, fluidity of the mind and flexibility.
Key words:
creativity, teaching art, fluidity of the mind, expansion, innovation, flexibility.


The Effectiveness of Rhythmic Movement Games on Memory in Children with Mental Retardation

Original Research, B32

Taghi Pour Javan, A., Abedi, A. Hassan nattaj, F., and Dehghani M.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 2(4): 161-166, 2012.

ABSTRACT: Mental retardation is a functional interaction between an individual and the environment where s/he lives in rather than a static description which is rooted in an individual’s limitations. While children are doing these movements, they learn lots of cognitive and instructional concepts and contents implicitly in that they are presented rhythmically and in a dancing manner and mixed with music that are full of joy and happiness. This study was to Efficacy of rhythmic play (dancing) on mentally retarded children’s memory problems in Children at the age group of 9 to 16. The experimental method used in the study from the pretest - posttest control group. For these purpose 20 children with Mentally Retardation that were selected using multistage random cluster sampling (each group consists of 10 children). The researcher gave rhythmically bodily movements (dancing) as an intervening program to experimental (case) group twice a week (45 minutes for each session) for three months. The instrument of this research included Canners neuropsychological test of NEPSY, Raven Colored progressive matrixes for children and Vinland adaptive behavior scale questionnaire. Data was analyzed by Multivariate. The results from the present study showed that rhythmic plays affected the memory scales (short-term, active, long-term memories) and general learning in partially mental Retardation children who were teachable.
Key words:
memory, mental retardation, rhythmic game


Effect of Methane Emission from Fertilizer Application

Original Research, B33

Nono L, Daratista I, Monica A.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 2(4): 167-177, 2012.

ABSTRACT: Agriculture is a major source of greenhouse gas. Despite what many might think, the effect of greenhouse gas emission from fertilizer application is well known across hundreds of nations all over the world. This effect from fertilizer application has been around for several centuries and has a very important meaning in the lives of many. It would be safe to assume that effect of methane emission from fertilizer application is going to be around for a long time and have an enormous impact on the lives of many people in Indonesia. About 85% of Indonesian workers are engaged in agriculture, which accounts for 3% of GDP in 2001. Some 91 million ha (76.6 million acres) are under cultivation, with 35% to 40% of the cultivated land devoted to the production of export crops. Some 88% of the country's cultivated land is in Java. This study calculated the greenhouse effects from fertilizer application, in the term of global warming potential (GWP) associated with CH4 emissions in Indonesian croplands. The results show that the GWP of CH4 emissions was 223.456Tg CO2–eq yr–1 during year 2009.
: Indonesia, urea, rice, coconut, social economic, global warming


The relationship between coping styles and early maladaptive schemas in disconnection-rejection and over vigilance - inhibition in young’s schema model

Original Research, B34

Bayrami M. Bakhshipor A. and Esmaeili A.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 2(4): 178-181, 2012.

ABSTRACT: The present study conducted in order to investigate the contribution of maladaptive schema in predicting coping styles from Jeffrey young’s point of view. 235 male and female students randomly selected and filled avoidance coping styles, compensatory coping styles and maladaptive schema questionnaire. According to the frame of Jeffrey young’s theory, these variations investigated. Findings using regression analysis showed that avoidance coping style is a better prediction for disconnection-rejection schema, vigilance and avoidance. Compensatory coping style did not have any relationship with this area.
Key words:
early maladaptive schema, scheme, coping styles