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Performance Assessment of Two "LNRF" and "AHP- Area Density" Models in landslide Susceptibility Zonation



Original Research, D31

Kornejady, A. and Heidary, K.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(3): 169-176, 2014.

ABSTRACT: The present research was aimed to evaluate landslide susceptibility in Chamran basin using tow quantitative models of LNRF and weighted semi-quantitative (AHP (Analytical Hierarchy Process) - area density). For this, using interpretation of aerial photographs and satellite Google Earth, GPS devices and reconnaissance, landslide distribution maps in scale 1:100000 were prepared in points manner, included 30 landslide cases of which , inspired from common methods, 30% (nine) were randomly selected and used to evaluate the performance of the models and the rest ( 21) were used for modelling . Seven key factor in the occurrence of landslide were selected including distance to river, distance to road, lithology, land use, slope, aspect and altitude. Information layers related to each parameter were prepared in GIS. Susceptibility value was calculated multiplying parameters value by parameter class value and landslide zoning map was prepared based on summing these values and pixels cumulative frequency turning points (Natural breaks). Models Performance was tested using indices summation of quality (Qs), the precision of predicted results (P) and relative performance characteristic (ROC). The results of indices showed that the weighted bivariate statistical model (AHP - area density) is more efficient for landslide distribution in area Chamran.
KeywordsAnalytical Hierarchy Process, Area Density, Mass Movement, Natural Breaks, Quantitative Models


pii: S225199391400032-4

The Study of Cyanobacterial Flora from Lamazan Hot Springs of West Hormozgan, Iran

Original Research, D32

Arman, M., Riyahi, H., Yousefzadi, M. and Sonboli, A.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(3): 177-182, 2014.

ABSTRACT: Cyanobacteria, known as blue-green algae, blue-green bacteria, cyanoprokaryots, and cyanophytes, are oxygenic photosynthetic prokaryotes Cyanobacteria show considerable morphological diversity. They are morphologically, physiologically and metabolically very diverse group and have been the thrust area for investigation since long. The blue-green algae are considered to be thermophilic when part or all of their optimal growth temperature range is above 40°C. Only a few species of eucaryotic protists or animals tolerate higher temperatures. Hot springs and their drain ways provide the most abundant aquatic habitats for thermophilic blue-green algae. Therefore, The present investigation involves study of mat forming cyanobacterial flora from Lamazan hot springs located in west part of Hormozgan province. This thermal spring are inhabited by characteristic thermophilic organisms including cyanophyta. Cyanophyta are among the few organisms that can occupy high temperature aquatic environments including hot springs. In alkaline and neutral hot springs and streams flowing from them cyanophyta can form thick colourful mats that exhibit banding patterns. Sampling was done based on temperature gradients; physicochemical analysis of the water was performed due to a dramatic effect on species distribution, Samples collected at different temperature ranges and were divided into two parts, One part was fixed in 4% formaldehyde to minimize quantitative and qualitative changes in phytoplankton and the other part were kept in a refrigerator for provide the pure isolates. Taxonomic determination was carried out by morphometric study of the isolates with light microscopy, based on Desikachary, Prescott, Whitford and Schumacher, John et al. and Wehr et al. by prepared semi-permanent slides. The vegetative and reproductive characters used in the taxonomic determination were: shape, colour and size of the cell, colony, thallus and trichome; as well as their width and length; shape, size and colour of vegetative cells. As result of this study, Total of 23 thermophilic cyanobacterial species representing 2 orders, 6 families and 10 genera were recorded.
Keywords: Blue Green Algae, Hot Springs , Thermophilic, Hormozgan Province


pii: S225199391400033-4

Effectiveness of Interpersonal Psychotherapy on Decreasing the Burnout of Women on the Verge of Divorce in Ahvaz

Original Research, D33

Hamid, N. and Roshani, K

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(3): 183-187, 2014.

ABSTRACT: The current research aim was surveying the effectiveness of supportive interpersonal therapy on decreasing the burnout of women on the verge of divorce in Ahvaz. The research method was semi experimental with pre-post Test , follow up and control group .the sample consisted of 30 women who were matched from age ,education status, duration of marriage acquiring one standard deviation above the mean and other criteria consisted in this research. The instrument was Couple Burnout Measure (CBM) .the experimental group administered 10 sessions of interpersonal psychotherapy but the control group didn't receive any intervention. The results indicated that there was a significant difference between experimental and control group in marital burnout(PThe rate of burnout in experimental group in comparison with pre-test and control group significantly decreased. These results significantly persisted after follow-up period. The current study indicates the importance of IPT in improving the couples’ relationships and decreasing the couple burnout.
: Interpersonal Psychotherapy, Couple Burnout, Divorce


pii: S225199391400034-4

Descriptive Evaluation Effects on Achievement (in Mathematic, Reading and Writing), Test Anxiety and Creativity

Original Research, D34

Eskandarian, S.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(3): 188-194, 2014.

ABSTRACT: The main goal of this research is the study of descriptive evaluation effect on educational progress of students in courses of mathematic and Reading and Writing test anxiety and the degree of creation in Fifth grade students. The statistic society of the research includes the 100 students of the fifth grade in Bojnord city. Students randomly have put in two 50 persons groups called experimental group and control group. Each group’s teachers have both scientific and practical qualifications certificate from the Ministry of Education, the only existing difference between them is in their functions in the way of evaluation from students’ activities, and the quality of offering feedback. In control group, evaluation is from activities and in form of quantitative and by scores and evaluation in experimental group is descriptive and offering check list. Research method is quasi-experimental with setting the control group and experimental group. From the descriptive and inductive analyse of data the below results obtained: Descriptive evaluation has the positive effect on educational progress of students in mathematics and Reading and Writing courses. Descriptive evaluation is effective in decreasing the test anxiety of students and also has the positive effect in the student's creativity level. Therefore to introduce and teach the descriptive evaluation, holding training workshops and broad researches is a must (necessary).
: Descriptive Evaluation, Educational Progress, Test Anxiety, Creativity


pii: S225199391400035-4

Study of Psychological Characteristics of Students with Hearing Loss Who Are Studying in Ordinary and Special Schools

Original Research, D35

Farahani, A., Faramarzi, S., Esmaeili. Bodaghi, M. and Raoufi, M.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(3): 195-199, 2014.

ABSTRACT: Discussion about attending of students with special needs in ordinary and special schools is one of the disagreed discussions between specialists and scientific meetings in this field. This study has compared some psychological characteristics of students with hearing loss which are studying in ordinary and special educating centres. For doing this scientific- comparative study, students with hearing loss who are studying in ordinary and special high schools are considered as statistical population, and a sample with 100 available subjects was chosen, and questionnaires that were considered for testing psychological components full filled by participants. Psychological components under investigation conclude: feeling loneliness, rejection, and behavioural problems. Results showed students in under hearing schools of ordinary schools, in comparison with students in special schools, has more feeling of rejection and loneliness.
Hearing Loss, Psychological Problems, Ordinary and Special Schools


pii: S225199391400036-4

A Comparison of Aggression in Female Adolescents with Regard to Parenting Styles in Bandar Abbas

Original Research, D36

Ebadi Salari, N.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(3): 200-203, 2014.

ABSTRACT: This study was designed and conducted to compare the amount of aggression in female adolescents with regard to the parents’ parenting styles in girls’ high schools of Bandar Abbas. The study is ex-post facto and its population consists of high school students of Bandar Abbas (6000 students in total) in school year 2012-2013. A sample of 310 students was selected based on stratified random method according to Morgan Table. Parents Behavioural Traits Questionnaire and sc190 were used for gathering data. One-way ANOVA with Scheffé's post hoc test were used to analyse the results and spss statistical software was used to analyse the findings. Results showed that the difference of aggression in four parenting styles (authoritative, authoritarian, indulgent, and neglectful) was significantly meaningful in confidence level 0.0001. Scheffé's post hoc test showed that the authoritarian group showed the highest amount of aggression while authoritative group showed the least aggression.
Aggression, Adolescent, Parenting Style 


pii: S225199391400037-4

Preparation Scale for Measuring Intellectual Understanding in Matrimony Life

Original Research, D37

Javdan, M.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(3): 204-207, 2014.

ABSTRACT: This study designed a questionnaire to assess the level of understanding and consensus among Iranian couples. After the survey of 432 people of different social classes in the factors affecting the level of understanding and lack of understanding and sympathy for their spouses during the marriage, a questionnaire consisting of 72 items was prepared. Then, by performing an exploratory factor analysis, the number of items was reduced to 38 items and 3 factors. Findings from the analysis of the material obtained showed that the levels of understanding and sympathy couples can be divided into three groups: Findings from the analysis of the material obtained showed that the levels of understanding and sympathy couples can be divided into three groups: Secondly, merging and deleting items similar to 176 couples were selected randomly from among the people and do a confirmatory factor analysis of 30 items with 3 factors remained that the final form of the questionnaire showed a level of understanding and collaboration between Iranian couple and had internal validity and goodness of fit . The convergence validity of the questionnaire and other questions related to marital satisfaction and demonstrate the validity of this scale is appropriate.
KeywordsUnderstanding, Consultation, Marriage and Designing Questionnaire


pii: S225199391400038-4

The Relationship between Perfectionism and Personality Characteristics with Job Satisfaction of Bank Employees in Bandar Abbas City

Original Research, D38

Shamsi Saiiar, M. Mohammadi, K. and Samavi, S.A.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(3): 208-211, 2014.

ABSTRACT: The present study examined the relationship between personality characteristics and perfectionism with job satisfaction of bank employees in Bandar Abbas city. This study was designed and performed as descriptive - correlational. The sample consisted of 100 bank employees in Bandar Abbas city. Job Satisfaction Questionnaire JDI (Job descriptive index), Hill Perfectionism Questionnaire and NEO-Five-Factor Personality Inventory (short form) were filled out by members of the sample. The correlation test showed that perfectionism and personality characteristics and job satisfaction of bank employees in Bandar Abbas city are significantly correlated. The results obtained from regression test suggest that personality characteristics and perfectionism are predictors of job satisfaction.
personality characteristics, perfectionism, and job satisfaction


pii: S225199391400039-4

 Investigating the Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Adjustment after Divorce in Divorced Women Visited Welfare Organization

Original Research, D39

Fallahchai, S.R. Zarei, E. and Riahii, Z.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(3): 212-215, 2014.

ABSTRACT: This study aimed to investigate the relationship between emotional intelligence and adjustment after divorce in divorced women who visited Welfare Organization in Babak City. Statistical population of the study included all divorced women who visited Welfare Organization in Babak City. From this statistical population, a sample of 100 divorced women was selected using voluntary sampling method. Bar-On Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire and Fisher Divorce Adjustment Scale were used in order to evaluate research variables. Pearson's correlation coefficient and univariate regression analysis were used for data analysis. Results indicated that there is a significant and positive relationship between emotional intelligence and adjustment after divorce. Fisher Divorce Adjustment Scale included six sub components including 1 – sense of self-worth, 2 - emotional disentanglement from the past relationship, 3 – anger, 4 - grief, 5 – social trust and intimacy, 6 - social self-worth. Among these sub components, positive and significant relationships were observed between sense of self-worth, emotional disentanglement from the past relationship, social trust and intimacy and social self-worth. However, significant and negative relationships were observed between emotional intelligence and sub components of anger and grief. Results of univariate regression analysis revealed that about 0.212 of adjustment after divorce can be explained by emotional intelligence.
Keywords: Emotional Intelligence, Adjustment after Divorce, Divorced Women


pii: S225199391400040-4

The study of relationship between public health and the anxiety of death in AIDS patients of Tehran

Original Research, D40

Kianpour, E., Ghahari, SH., Seyed Alinaghi, S.A. and Mohrez, M.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(3): 216-219, 2014.

ABSTRACT: The present study examined the relationship between general health and anxiety of death in AIDS patients in the city of Tehran. Statistical population of the study will totally include all of the patients with AIDS in Tehran who were in the 18-45 age level. The sample of this research consisted of 100 subjects (90 males and 10 females), who were referred to Imam Khomeini Hospital of Tehran for the treatment and counseling during the period of July to September 2012 and were selected based on available sampling method. Research instrument was a standard questionnaire. Research methodology is Correlational, and the statistical method is regression analysis and Pearson correlation test. The results of this research showed there is a significant correlation between the anxiety of death and general health. In other words, the life expectancy and general health is associated with the anxiety of death. Results of the study indicate that the variable symptoms of physical is able to explain the variance, which is 11.8 %( R2 = 0.118). By adding the variable of depression caused to increase the variance about 9% in the second model (R2= 0.207) and has been able to explain approximately 20.7% of the variance.
The Anxiety of Death, Life Expectancy, Public Health, AIDS


pii: S225199391400041-4

Study the Effect of Maintenance Methadone Therapy on General Health of the Patients Referred to Addiction Therapy Centers in Tehran

Original Research, D41

Asadi, M.Askari, M. and Golmirzaii, J.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(3): 220-222, 2014.

ABSTRACT: This research aims to study the effect of Maintenance Methadone Therapy on general health of the patients referred to addiction therapy centers in Tehran. Study method was quasi-experimental using pretest-posttest design.   60 patients were selected from those referred to the medical centers of Tehran in a time interval of 6 months and were divided into the test and control groups (each group consisting of 30 patients). The Control group patients were selected from among those who rejected taking the medication due to any reason. Research tool was Goldberg general health questionnaire (GHQ). It’s the Cronbach alpha (reliability coefficient) of 0.759 was obtained for marital conflicts test scales. Statistical methods included covariance analysis test and Levin test for independent group. The patients who were under therapy with methadone had better general health compared to the control group (p= 0.005, F=8.641). This effect was reported for subscale of general health as below: Physical sign improvement had a significant effect (p=0.001, F= 16.47), Anxiety and sleep disorder had a significant effect (p=0.002, F= 10.54), Depression improvement had a significant effect (p=0.000, F= 28.51)Social function improvement had a significant effect (p=0.001, f= 55.10).
Maintenance Therapy, Methadone, General Health


pii: S225199391400042-4

Studying the Relationship between Mental Cheer and Resiliency in Married Students of Hormozgan University.

Original Research, D42

Sadeghifard, M. Zainalipour, H. and Shamsaldini, Z.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(3): 223-226, 2014.

ABSTRACT: This study determines the relationship between mental cheer and resiliency in married students of Hormozgan University. The research was a descriptive-correlative exploration. Sample of the study consisted of all married students studying at Hormozgan University between 2012 and 2013. Using Cochran formula, 300 students were randomly selected. Data collection procedure was conducted via survey using PANAS mental cheer scale and Conner and Davidson resiliency scale. Results indicated that mental cheer predicts students’ resiliency. Positive affection predicts students’ resiliency. There is no relationship between students’ negative affection and resiliency.
Mental Cheer, Resiliency, Student


pii: S225199391400043-4

The Study of the Relationship between Job Stressors and Job Burnout among Shiraz University of Medical Sciences Employees

Original Research, D43

Haghani, Y., Haghani, M., Ashraf, P. and JamshidiSoloklo, B.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(3): 227-232, 2014.

ABSTRACT: Job burnout is a serious problem of organizations that endangers employees' health. So determining various antecedents of burnout has been an active area of research. The aim of this study was examining the relationship between job stressors and job burnout among Shiraz University of medical sciences employees. In this correlational research, 339 employees (237 female and 162 male) were selected via stratified random sampling. Job stress and job burnout questionnaire were administrated to sample. Data were analysed via statistical techniques such as descriptive statistics, Pearson correlation, multiple regressions and one sample T test. Both dimensions of job stress were related positively with burnout. Furthermore demographical variables such as gender, marital status, age, and work experience were related with some dimensions of burnout. Job pressure and lack of organizational support bring about job burnout. So administrators should reduce job pressure and support employees in their organizational duties.
Keywords: Job Stress, Job Burnout, University of Medical Sciences Employees


pii: S225199391400044-4

The Pattern of Structural Relationships between Perceptions of Constructivist Learning Environment, Academic Self-efficacy, Intrinsic Motivation and Academic Performance

Original Research, D44

Javdan, M., Samavi, S.A., Sezide, Kh. and Qasemi, N. 

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(3): 233-236, 2014.

ABSTRACT: The objective of this study is to investigate the pattern of structural relationships between perceptions of constructivist learning environment, academic self-efficacy, intrinsic motivation and academic performance of students in Islamic Azad University of Minab. In this descriptive-correlational study, the population is all students in Islamic Azad University of Minab and using multi-stage random sampling, 400 students in various disciplines are selected as samples. Tools used in this study include Constructivist Learning Environment Survey (CLES) and Motivational Strategies for Learning Questionnaire (MSLQ). The proposed model is evaluated using structural equation modeling. To test indirect relationships, Bootstrap test is conducted in Hayes and Preacher macros. According to the results obtained in this study, the proposed model for structural equations of causal relationships between variables indicates an acceptable fitting. Based on the results obtained for assumptions one to five, we can conclude that the indirect relationships proposed in assumptions sixth and seventh are also explainable. In other words, the perception of a constructivist learning environment can affect academic performance through increasing the academic self-efficacy and intrinsic motivation, and promote it.
Perceptions of constructivist learning environment, academic self-efficacy, intrinsic motivation


pii: S225199391400045-4

The Personality Characteristics in Patient Stricken Anxiety Disorder

Original Research, D45

Kayedkhordeh H., Amiri M. and Papi H.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(3): 237-241, 2014.

ABSTRACT: The aim of present research was to compare the personality characteristics in patient stricken anxiety disorder and evidence group. in this present descriptive pattern, 200(100 male and 100 female) citizens of shiraz city participate in this research in winter and spring 90 and 91.In this research, statistical population of anxious persons were all of patient stricken anxiety disorder that referred to psychiatric policlinic, and statistical population of common, was employee and students of university. All of participants completed NEO personality questionnaire and Beck's anxiety questionnaire. For data analysis, statistical tests including dependent t test, chi-square and discriminant analysis have been used. The results showed that there is significant relationship between personality characteristics of patient stricken anxiety disorder and control group (pKeywords: Big five personality, Anxiety disorders, Mental health


pii: S225199391400046-4

Exploring the Use of Recast as the Most Frequent Spoken Corrective Feedback in Iranian EFL Classes

Original Research, D46

Mohammadinejad E.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(3): 242-244, 2014.

ABSTRACT: Feedback has been considered as a remedial measure and consequently a substantial body of research has been done over the last decades into the value of different kind of responses offered to students and their effects on student performance. Feedbacks are commonly categorized based on Lyster and Ronata’s model of corrective discourse which sorts them into six classes including explicit correction, recast, clarification request, metalinguistic feedback, elicitation and repetition. Many studies are conducted on the effect of different types of spoken error correction in Iranian EFL classes and the type of feedback which is mostly used by teachers (but very few studies are carried out on finding teachers’ intentions of preferring a certain type of feedback over other types. The present study explored the reasons of using recast as the most frequent type of corrective feedback in Iranian EFL context. Data was collected from 100 Iranian EFL teachers from different parts of Iran; they filled in a questionnaire in order to find the reasons of their preference. The study revealed that teachers rely on aspects of error correction such as being short, immediate and to the point as well as saving learners from negative feelings that does not fully go with what is likely to facilitate learning and increase uptake rate.
Error Correction, Feedback, Recast