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pii: S225199391400073-4

Self-confidence in Patients with Opioid Dependence: Efficacy of Group Therapy Based on Life Skill and Problem Solving Training

Original Research, D73

Gharati Sotoudeh, H. Moazedian, A. Ibrahimi Bakht, H. and Feizi, B.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(5): 383-387, 2014

ABSTRACT: Since lack of self-confidence is identified as an important factor in opioid addiction, life skills training are crucial to create a sense of empowerment. In this study, the effect of life skills training and problem solving was investigated in increasing self-confidence in the addicts treated with buprenorphine. This is a semi-experimental study with pre-test – post-test and control group. The statistical study population included all addicts treated in Tehran Welfare Organization Addiction Clinics in spring 2013. In addition, 30 subjects were selected as sample size using random sampling method. The subjects were divided into two experimental and control groups. Eysenck confidence questionnaire was used for data collection. The experimental group received 8 sessions of life skills and problem solving training once a week. Confidence in the addicts who had received life skill training in the experimental group at posttest was significantly higher than the control group. According to study results, life skill training is effective in increasing self-confidence in the addicts. This training can be used as a supplement to treat addiction.
Keywords: Self-confidence, Life skills training, Problem-solving training, Addiction


pii: S225199391400074-4

Relationship between Personality Type and Attachment Style with

Original Research, D74

Behboodi, M. and Asadi Haghighat,M.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(5): 388-394, 2014

ABSTRACT: The aim of present research is to investigate the relationship between personality types and attachment styles with happiness. The statistical population in the present research involves all the married women referring to the region 2 health homes in Tehran year 2013-2014. With using regression analyses and simple random sampling method, 200 married women were selected from this population as sample, to avid fall- risk, sample size increased into 250. They were tested by the questionnaires of Collins and Read Adult Attachment Scale, Memorial University of Newfoundland Scale of Happiness and Myers Briggs personality type indicator. Multiple regression analyses revealed significant differences on 2 of the four dimensions of the MBTI, With extraverts showing higher happiness than introverts, Perceiving types scored higher in happiness than Judging types. Other dimensions (Intuition- sensation and Feeling-Thinking) did not have a meaningful impact on happiness. There are significant differences among attachment styles on happiness. Married women with secure attachment style than ambivalent attachment style have a higher happiness but results provided no support for a relationship between ambivalent attachment style and happiness.
Keywords: Personality Type, Attachment Style, Happiness, Married Women


pii: S232247701400075-4

The Effectiveness of Group Training of Solution-focused Approach in Happiness of Couples

Original Research, D75

Farhady, M., Ahramian, A., Nooralizadeh, M. and Sudani, M.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(5): 395-400, 2014

ABSTRACT: The present study aimsto examine theeffectiveness of group training of  solution-focused approach in happiness of couples who referred to Busher family counseling centers. Solution-focused approach is a short-term remedy that emphasizes on clients’ finding of a solution for their problems with the help of counselor. Research sample consists of 44 couples with the lowest levels of happiness randomly divided into experimental and control groups. The research instruments are the revised version of Oxford Happiness Inventory (OHI). Research design is the one with pre-test, post-test with control group and follow-up test. In addition to using descriptive statistics, repeated measurement test is also used to analyze data. Data analysis shows that solution-focused approach has significantly improved happiness.
Keywords: Solution-Focused Approach, Couples’ Happines


pii: S225199391400076-4

The Impact of Genetic Counseling on Prevention of Mental Retardation

Original Research, D76

Nikuei P., MirzaeiB. Rafaty SH., Poordarvish F. and MahdizadehdehostaR.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(5): 401-403, 2014

ABSTRACT: Mental retardation has high prevalence in south of Iran because of consanguineous marriages. As no definite cure is available for mental retarded individuals, prevention is the best way .This study was designed to evaluate the impact of genetic counselling on prevention of mental retardation. This case control study was carried out between 2010-2013 and 120 women with mental retarded children were participated. All of them had another pregnancy after their mental retarded child. of those, 60 women had pregnancy after genetic counselling (case group) and 60 women had pregnancy without doing genetic counselling (control group).The study data was analysed using SPSS19.Genetic counselling before pregnancy was protective factor for having mental retarded child. (Odds Ratio 4.261, 95% confidence interval 1.312-13.834). Results indicated that 71.7% of parents in case group and 55% in control group had consanguineous marriages. Screening tests in pregnancy were done in 78.3% of mothers in case group and 21.7% in control group. Down syndrome was the most common cause of mental retardation in both groups. Genetic counselling is effective in prevention of mental retardation. It's suggested that health authorities inform and educate mothers about genetic counselling before pregnancy, specifically women with mental retarded children.
Keywords: Mental Retardation, Genetic Counselling, Pregnancy


pii: S232247701400077-4

Association between Obesity and Affects Status, State/Trait Anxiety in Iranian Women

Original Research, D77

Rajabi S., Pakize A. and Mousavi S.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(5): 395-400, 2014

ABSTRACT: Obesity is a major health concern. It has been implicated as a risk factor for several physical illnesses, functional limitations and poor quality of life. However, the objectives of this study are to examine the relationship between Affects status, State-Trait anxiety In obese and normal women. This study used data collected in adults 20 to 48 years old. This study focused on four indicators (positive affect, negative affect, State/Trait anxiety), in relation to the obese and normal subjects. Results indicated that both Affects status and State/Trait anxiety were significantly related to obesity. These results are discussed in terms of their implications for future studies of leader health, and their practical applications for promoting leader health while preventing obesity.
Keywords: Obesity, Affects states, Trait-State anxiety


pii: S225199391400078-4

Probable Interaction of Reduced Glutathione with NF-KB Family Proteins
Trim down NF-KB Mediated Expression of MMP-9: An in Silico Analysis

Original Research, D78

Ghoshal N., Baphilinia J M. and Bhattacharjee A.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(5): 409-415, 2014

ABSTRACT: Tumor invasion and metastasis require increased expression of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs). MMP family is involved in the degradation of extracellular matrix, and members of MMPs have been implicated in malignancy and metastasis. Recent data suggest that antioxidant treatment inhibits gelatinolytic activity. It has been shown that ROS activate gelatinase B (MMP-9) and antioxidants are able to limit ROS induced MMP activity. However, how oxidative stress regulates MMP expression is not yet fully understood. The promoter of MMP-9 is highly conserved and is shown to contain multiple functional elements, including nuclear factor-κB (NF-κB) and activator protein 1 (AP-1) element. NF-κB has been shown to regulate the expression of a number of genes, such as vascular endothelial growth factor and MMP-9, whose products are involved in tumorigenesis. MMP9 expression depends on the redox status of a cell in a NF-κB dependent manner. We, hereby, put forward that reduced glutathione (GSH) binds to the NF-κB activating kinases rendering it inactive for the phosphorylation of IκB, the event, which releases NF-κB for its nuclear transport. Thus at optimum concentration of GSH, NF-ĸB family could be a probable target for inhibiting MMP9 therefore checking metastasis.
Keywords: Cancer, Glutathione, Matrix Metalloproteinases, Metastasis, NF-KB


pii: S232247701400079-4

Cleaning Method by Keratinase Enzyme for Improving Quality Edible
Bird Nest

Original Research, D79

Utomo B., Rosyidi D., Eka Radiati L., Tri Puspaningsih N., Diah Proborini W.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(5): 416-420, 2014

ABSTRACT: One indicator of the quality of Edible Bird’s Nest (EBN) is the cleanliness of feathers attached, so it is necessary to find a method to remove the hair washing EBN but not damage glycoprotein as the main content. Enzimkeratinase is an enzyme that works specifically to destroy the fur, so expect feathers attached to the ediblebird's nest can be eliminated and the main content can still be maintained. The purpose of this study were to determine the quality of the bird's nest before and after leaching in terms of glycoprotein content, nitrite content, proximate content, microbial contamination (TPC, E.coli and Salmonella) and organoleptic properties. This study was a laboratory study with two treatments done in one step. Analysis of bids nest was organoleptic test, the content of glycoproteins, and microbial contamination. The test wareconducted to determine the level of public acceptance of cleanliness and the color of EBNby20 panelists using proximate Hedonik.Glycoprotein and proximate analysis was used to determine the effect of washing on the main content of EBN. Microbial analysis was to determine the effect of washing on the quality of EBN before and after leaching.Theresearsch method was descriptive. Results showed that bird nest after leaching has better quality than before washing.

Keywords: Quality, Edible Bird Nest, Keratinase


pii: S225199391400080-4

Evaluation of Ergonomic Problems of Mf285Tractors

Original Research, D80

Alahnori J., ShaikhDavodi MJ. And Salehi Sahl Abadi A.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(5): 421-423, 2014

ABSTRACT: Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are major parts of the occupational diseases in workplaces. Protection from such diseases is dependent on assessment and improvement of job postures by using job analysis methods in ergonomics. This study was conducted among MF285 tractor drivers with the objectives of determination of WMSDs prevalence and evaluation of level of exposure to WMSDs risk factors in darehshahr city. This study was a descriptive- analytical approach performed on 140 drivers at 4 task and 20 working posture by using REBA method. The prevalence of MSDs was obtained by using Nordic Musculoskeletal Questionnaire (NMQ). The data were analyzed by independent t-test, Chi-square and Proportions test with ...

Keywords: Business Company, Simple Integration, Combined Integration, Trade Bill


pii: S232247701400083-4

Individuals' Kind of Crying as a Predictor of their Reaction to Others' Crying

Original Research, D83

Pakizeh A. and Dashtinejad B.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(5): 435-439, 2014

ABSTRACT: Crying is a universal expression of extreme emotion and also a natural emotional response to certain feelings, usually sadness and hurt, but sometimes under other circumstances and occasions, such as joy. Crying has an impact on others and the social environment. In other words, emotional tears determine how others perceive and react to a person. The current study investigated the relations between individuals' kind of crying (the reasons behind their crying) with their reactions to others' crying. For this purpose, 200 individuals (120 females and 80 males) were selected among Persian Gulf University students using multistage cluster sampling. They were requested to fill out Pakizeh Scale of Crying Reasons and Pakizeh Scale of Reaction to Adults Crying. The findings showed that individuals' crying as an indicator of mental weakness is the best predictor of attitudinal, affective, and behavioral reactions to others' crying as an indicator of mental weakness. The results also revealed that, individuals' crying as an indicator of mental strength is the best predictor of attitudinal, affective, and behavioral reactions to others' crying as an indicator of natural emotions and mental strength. The findings of the present research provided a new perspective on reactions to others emotional tears and indicated that the reasons behind individuals' crying are important factors in their reactions to others' crying.

Keywords: Kind of Crying, Predictor, Reaction


pii: S225199391400084-4

City Development Strategies in Bandar Abbas, with an Emphasis on Sustainable Development Approach

Original Research, D84

Allamezadeh A., Nohegar A., Shahdadi Khaje Askari A. and Ebrahemi M.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(5): 440-443, 2014

ABSTRACT: One of the prominent features of urban development strategy is to give importance to planning and design process and also the obtained result. We can say that urban development strategy is both process and product. Accordingly, the present study aims to investigate the indicators of sustainable urban development and plans to study these indicators in an actual arena (Bandar Abbas). This is an applied descriptive-analytical research. The required information is collected through library and field studies. Related theoretical principles, domestic and foreign experiences, available documents, administrative data, and official statistics are applied in the part of library studies. Questionnaires, interviews, and direct and systematic observation are used in the part of field studies. Statistical communities involved in this research include: people, city managers (municipal employees, city council, police governor, etc.), natural and legal consultants and contractors who are active in the field of urban management and planning in Bandar Abbas and also professors and experts of urban planning and management. Finally, due to the large volume of data, a random sample of 372 people was selected from the statistical population using Cochran Formula. Average scores for sustainability in four dimensions of economic, social, physical-environmental, and management in development of Bandar Abbas were 2.91, 3.45, 2.81, and 2.42, respectively. Factors affecting sustainable development in Bandar Abbas were evaluated: Average scores and total weighted scores of internal factors were 3.16 and 3.28, respectively. Also average scores and total weighted scores of external factors were 3.16 and 3.28, respectively. Therefore, it is concluded that Bandar Abbas is highly affected by unsustainability in three dimensions of economic, physical -environmental, and management and only in social dimension the sustainability status is satisfactory. Assessing the factors affecting the realization of sustainable development in Bandar Abbas shows that numerous internal and external factors are effective in this field; however, the contribution of internal factors is greater.
Keywords:Development Strategies, Bandar Abbas, Sustainable Development


pii: S232247701400085-4

Studying the Role of Mass Media in Bandar Lengeh Public Culture and

Original Research, D85

JafariK. And Jafari AH.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(5): 444-447, 2014

ABSTRACT: This study examines the role of mass media in Bandar Lengeh public culture and customs. Data was collected by library research (textbooks, and articles, and …) by two validated questionnaires. One was used for the role of mass media and another for Bandar Lengeh public customs. Study sample consisted of all Bandar Lengeh population (n=30,000). Sample size was calculated as 379 people by Morgan Table. Multistage clustering was used for sampling. Hypothesis testing was done by Pearson correlation coefficient. Regression coefficient was used for prediction. Based on data analysis by SPSS, mass media plays a significant role in Bandar Lengeh public culture and customs.

Keywords: Medium, Mass Media, Culture, Customs, Bandar Lengeh


pii: S225199391400086-4

Synectics Teaching Effect on the Academic Performance of Students'
Composition among Male Fifth Grade Students in Dezful City

Original Research, D86

Afshari GH. And Ghaemi N.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(5): 448-451, 2014

ABSTRACT: This study has examined the Synaptic teaching effect on the academic performance of students' composition among male fifth grade students in Dezful city. The study statistical population is comprised of Elementary fifth grade students who were studying in 89-90. The sample consisted of 50 subjects who were randomly selected and lucky draw was divided into two equal groups, experimental and control. In this study, quasi-experimental method and pre-test - post-test with control group were used. Before running the training, pre-test of composition was administered for both groups, and then using synaptic teaching methods, test group were trained during 10 sessions of 45 minutes. During the period, the control group was taught by traditional methods. To evaluate the composition of students, a 28-point scale developed by the researchers that was prepared by experts in the field of Persian language and literature to evaluate the essay lesson. In order to analyse the data, analysis of covariance was used. Findings from the study showed that synaptic training increases academic performance in the course of writing the essay and this hypothesis was confirmed.
Keywords:Synaptic Methods, Essay, Academic Performance


pii: S232247701400087-4

Rational Choice Theory: An Overview

Original Research, D87

Reza kari

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(5): 452-456, 2014

ABSTRACT: It seems easy to accept that rationality involves many features that cannot be summarized in terms of some straightforward formula, such as binary consistency. But this recognition does not immediately lead to alternative characterizations that might be regarded as satisfactory, even though the inadequacies of the traditional assumptions of rational behaviour standardly used in economic theory have become hard to deny. It will not be an easy task to find replacements for the standard assumptions of rational behaviour .that can be found in the traditional economic literature, both because the identified deficiencies have been seen as calling for rather divergent remedies, and also because there is little hope of finding an alternative assumptio n structure that will be as simple and usable as the traditional assumptions of self-interest maximization, or of consistency of choice.

Keywords:rationality, behaviour, Rational Choice Theory


pii: S225199391400088-4

Smart Making from the Professors and Students Viewof Farhangian
University in ICT Age

Original Research, D88

Najafian H. and Rastegarpour H.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(5): 457-460, 2014

ABSTRACT: This paper aims to assess the necessity of teacher skills in the ICT era from different perspectives including familiarity with modern technologies, familiarity with intelligent hardware and software, action research, teacher creativity and using dynamic teaching methods with a review of present literature. Hence, according to the role of information and communication technology, it is essential for all the teachers to acquire these skills in the ICT era so that they can provide the society with skillful and creative members in the future. The sample population includes all the students and lecturers in Farhangian University. The design of the study is descriptive-analytic and the sampling procedure used was random stratified. The burdensome mission of Farhangian University in training human resources (teachers) is hidden to none and it seems the key is to promote the professional skills of teachers. The existence of these skills in teachers would lead to the alternation of traditional methods of learning in different levels so that the new methods would suit the needs of students in the ICT era.

Keywords:ICT (Information and Communication Technology), Action Research, Hardware and Software Facilities, Modern Approaches, Creativity


pii: S232247701400089-4

Fourth Generation War in the Middle East and West Challenges

Original Research, D89

SeddighiH. And SakhaneVashSH.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(5): 461-464, 2014

ABSTRACT: Middle East is the cradle of civilization and one of the critical regions in terms of geopolitical. Several factors have role in the increasing importance of this area in terms geopolitical, such as being located approximately 800 billion barrels of oil from about 1300 billion barrels oil discovered of the world, namely, approximately 60 % of the vital source has been located in this area. Also, there areother factors such as a large market selling goods of economic powers of the world, geopolitics sensitive position, origin and birthplace of Islam as ideology opposed to liberalism…is added to the sensitivity of this area. A set of factors mentioned above cause to attention of the world powers and trying to control and dominate this region. Long history of colonialism presence, puppet and dictators regimes, increasing religious and sectarian disputes, popular revolutions and the awakening in the region, formation of the resistance front and world powers endeavour in order to maintain its hegemony and domination over the region have cause the many security problems and occurrence of wars and provide a platform for likely future wars. What important and dramatic in nearly two decades of Warf are of this region is wide developments in tactics and strategies used in this battles and the growing and key role of the technological developments related and revolution in military affairs, psychological warfare, and summarily the extensively substantial changes of the battles especially in the cultural and ideological area, resulting in the emergence of fourth-generation warfare. Fourth generation war which is a summary of the characteristics of using asymmetric operations, take advantage of enemy weaknesses, ending state monopoly on war, increase ethnic and religious conflicts and cultural symptom of the wars, the use of innovations and new and network-centric warfare etc. Each activism which use these technologies and strategic developments optimally, has been discovered as a conqueror and influential element in the strategic region of the world.

Keywords:Fourth Generation War, the Middle East, War Studies, Geo-Culture, the Fifth Dimension of War


pii: S225199391400090-4

The Effect of Rhythmic Games on the Perceptual – Motor Growth of Educable Mentally Retarded Students (Boys and Girls)

Original Research, D90

Piri SH. and Piraki P.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(5): 465-468, 2014

ABSTRACT:The present study aims at investigating the effect of rhythmic games on the perceptual-motor Development of educable mentally retarded students. The study’s statistical sample included 80 persons (40 boys and 40 girls), which were organized randomly in two experiment groups and two control groups based on their gender. The research method was pretest-posttest with control group. Lincoln-oseretsky test was used for measuring the perceptual-motor development. Participants of experiment group played rhythmic and group games in 12 weeks which have been arranged in 2 sessions a week and the control group continued their daily activities. Shapiro-Wilk test and Mann-Whitney U test were used for analysing the data. Results showed that both girls and boys experienced a significant perceptual-motor development. But, perceptual-motor development in boys was significantly more than the girls’.
Keywords: rhythmic games, perceptual-motor development, mentally retarded.


pii: S232247701400091-4

Study of Compare the Efficacy of Group Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Exercise on Depression among 14-17 Years Old Adolescents

Original Research, D91

Ghattali F. Mohammadi, K. and Samavi, S.A.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(5): 469-471, 2014

ABSTRACT: The present study aimed to compare the efficacy of group cognitive-behavioral therapy and exercise on depression among 14-17 years old adolescent girls in Bastak City. The research method was pretest-posttest with control group. For this purpose, 30 adolescents with depression were selected through Children's Depression Inventory and Depressive Disorder Diagnostic Interview. The subjects were randomly divided into three groups: group cognitive behavioral therapy, aerobic and control groups. The analysis of covariance, independent t-tests and SPSS were used to analyze the results. The results showed that group cognitive-behavioral therapy and aerobic exercise were significantly effective in reducing depressive symptoms at post-test. However, no significant difference was observed between cognitive-behavioral therapy and aerobic exercise groups at post-test. In total, the results suggested that group cognitive-behavioral therapy and exercise are effective in reducing depression in adolescent girls. Thus, these measures can be used by clinicians as a therapeutic intervention.

Keywords:Adolescence, Depression, Group cognitive behavioral therapy, Exercise


pii: S225199391400092-4

False Memory and Mood in Female Adolescents

Original Research, D92

Valiqeidari R, Salehi J, Elahi T and Entesar Foumany Gh-H.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(5): 472-474, 2014

ABSTRACT: Extensive researches has been performed on the influence of mood disorders, particularly depression on memory indicating some probable defects in memory function among depressed patients. The present study attempted to determine association of personality attitudes and mood characteristics with false memory in female adolescents. The study population consisted of female adolescents aged 15 to 17 years with non-clinical depression studying in the first year of high school. Depression was measured using R-Beck Depression Inventory. For assessment of verbal false memory, a standard form of the Deese-Roediger-McDermott (DRM) model was considered. Personality traits were measured by the short version of the NEO-FFI tool. Depressed group was more susceptible to have false memory related to threat than non-depressed group (mean score: 0.80 ± 0.75 versus 0.52 ± 0.65, p = 0.049), however two groups had similar states regarding false memory in recalling neutral words (2.42 ± 1.14 versus 2.44 ± 1.03, p = 0.923). In this regard, the mean score of confidence to memory was statistically similar in healthy and depressed students (89.30 ± 18.17 versus 83.18 ± 26.61, p = 0.182). Comparing different personality traits between depressed and healthy groups showed higher mean score of Neuroticism in depressed group, while higher mean score of Extraversion and Flexibility in non-depressed group compared without depressed ones. Also, compared to depressed group, healthy subjects had higher mean score of agreeableness and Conscientiousness. Depression is usually accompanied with falsely recalling threat-related material, indicating the higher propensity for false recall in depression state.
Keywords: False Memory, Personality, Depression, Adolescents, Mood, Student


pii: S232247701400093-4

Study He Relation of Attribution Biases with Dyadic Adjustment of Bandar-Abbas Conflict Married Women

Original Research, D93

Salari S., Zareei E and Falahchay SR.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(5): 475-480, 2014

ABSTRACT: The propose of this research was studying the relation of attribution biases with dyadic adjustment of Bandar-Abbas conflictive married women. The statistical population of this research includes all conflictive married women who had used services from consultation centres. From this population a sample consisted of 300 women was selected by the method of accessible sampling. To evaluate the variable, the research used questionnaire of ASQ dyadic attributions Spiner dyadic adjustment. For analysis of data she used the method of Pierson correlation to study the relation of variable also multiple regression analysis with simultaneous and step by step method for prediction the result indicated that there was a significant relationship at 0.01 significance level.

Keywords: Attribution Biases, Dyadic Adjustment, Conflictive Women.


pii: S225199391400094-4

Analysis and Evaluation of Economic, Social and Environmental Impacts of Tourism in Promotion
of Village Areas

Original Research, D94

Daryabari SJ., Hajilou Z. and Khajenabi F.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(5): 481-483, 2014

ABSTRACT:Village development is a multi-dimensional process, the subject of which is improvement and promotion of the quality of fragile groups of people residing in villages. One of the aspects of village development which can have a comprehensive impact on the life of the villagers is the extension and spread of the concept of village tourism. Village tourism can, by penetration and influencing on all aspects of village life, promote life both in terms of social and cultural aspects. The method of this research is descriptive-analytical, and the collection of data has been done through library and documentation sources. The results found show that regarding the variety of the village surroundings in the country, and despite having problems and issues in common such as unemployment, immigration, low income, low productivity and etc., all villages in the country do not have the capacity of absorbing and bearing tourists who come from an outer societies, and based on the cultural biases, religious beliefs, level of development, rate of education and the urban-village relation, have given different responses to accepting the village tourism. On the other hand, the conditions of the natural environment, economic activities and facilities that they may offer for the development of tourism, might be different and the results show that tourism has had more positive impacts in the economic perspective, but in terms of social and cultural aspects, there have been some changes made along the way.
Keywords: Social, Economic and Environmental Impacts of Tourism, Development, Countryside Areas


pii: S225199391400095-4

The Effect of in Service Training on Enhancing the Productivity of FJRC Personnel

Original Research, D95

Setoodeh M. And Talebbeydokhti A.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(5): 484-491, 2014

ABSTRACT: The aim of the research is to show “the effect of in service training on enhancing the productivity of FJRC personnel. The research method is descriptive. The population includes 420 people of FJRC personnel working on managerial, operational, and administrative levels whom have been selected randomly. The research literature was collected through library method. A questioner was used to collect information. Cronbach's alpha reliability through 0.94 is derived. The results show that the educational pillars in organizations are different. Pillars such as educational technology are on the first place. Content and method is in the second place and effective learning factors are on the third place. There are significant differences for other pillars such as teachers, evaluation, and structure and organs.
Keywords: Productivity, Effectiveness, On- Job- Training, in-Service Training


pii: S225199391400096-4

The Role of Medium-Sized Cities in Regional Development with
Preparatory Approach (Case Study of Bandar Abbas)

Original Research, D96

Ebrahemi M, Nohegar A, Shahdadi khajeaskari A. and Allamezadeh A.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(5): 492-497, 2014

ABSTRACT:Among the most important strategies of regional expansion in Territorial Spatial Arrangement policies (a management du territories) is giving the boost to central cities with regard to their place and role in the regional expansion. Hence the research examines the role of central cities of Bandar Abbas in Hormozgan regional developing and expansion using the descriptive and analytical method. The method of gathering information in this research is library research method which is based on study about theoretical bases that is related to topic of research and using of data and information inferred from reports, documents and statistical yearbook. The indicators under this study are categorized in to four main sections including economic, social- cultural, foundational and physical that is totally included of 24 indicators. The research which is proportionate to the questions and theories of research used two model included of Analytical Hierarchy process (AHP) and Location Coefficient. Finally, the results of the research indicate that the city of Bandar Abbas has the most rate of developing among the other cities of the province. Therefore the first theory of the research proves that Bandar Abbas is on the first surface of urban expansion based on the study which is related to the scale of development in the area. The results of the research show that the economic situation of Bandar Abbas is in the foundational service department, the agricultural department and Non- basic industry as well.
Keywords: Central City, Regional Expansion, Territorial Spatial Arrangement, Bandar Abbas city


pii: S225199391400097-4

Prioritizing the Effective Factors on Selection of a Resort

Original Research, D97

Hosseini Sarbas M., Hassanpour Gharghachi E. and Talebbeydokhti A.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(5): 498-502, 2014

ABSTRACT: In line with prioritizing the effective factors on selection of a resort in Sepidan County, different approaches as well as models were investigated, and subsequently, these approaches were used to present solutions for developing resorts (recreational areas) in Iran at the national level. The descriptive (survey) methodology was implemented where questionnaires designed by the author were used for collecting the required information from the members of the statistical population. The reliability and stability of these questionnaires had been tested prior to their implementation. The SPSS statistical software was used to analyze the results of this descriptive study. The obtained results showed that due to the frequency observed by the population, there was a relation between various factors (human, promotional, physical, etc.) and selection of a resort in Sepidan County. Since the calculated contingency coefficient (C=0.49) was between 0 and 50% and very close to 50%, we can conclude that there is a relatively favorable relation between the collective factors (human, promotional, physical, etc.) and selection of a resort in Sepidan, Iran.
Keywords: Tourist, Cultural Tourism, Natural Attractions, Historical Attractions


pii: S225199391400098-4

A Study on the Causes of Intellectual Disability in Children and Adolescents of
Kabul City of Afghanistan

Original Research, D98

Faramarzi S., Hamed F., yarmohamadian A. and Farahani A.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(5): 503-506, 2014

ABSTRACT: The present study, attempting to examine major causes of intellectual disabilities of children and adolescents in the age range of 7-21 years, was conducted in Kabul city of Afghanistan country. The research methodology was descriptive, survey. To this end, 53 people in the age range of 7-21 years were chosen from all intellectually disabled children and adolescents of Kabul city through available sampling, by referring to hospital and rehabilitation centers. To gather data, a researcher-made inventory for examining the prevalence rate and frequency of disabilities was utilized and its validity and reliability was checked psychometrically. The findings revealed that genetic and prenatal factors had the highest share as the causes of disability and this priority is also evident in its effectiveness on both sexes. According to the results, low level of culture and awareness of families as regards effective factors which result in disability is apparent and demands serious attention on the part of policy makers of health and cure domain of Afghanistan country.
Keywords: Intellectual Disability, Children, Adolescents


pii: S225199391400099-4

Investigation of Relationship between Accounting Conservatism and Future Profitability in the Listed Companies in Tehran Stock Exchange

Original Research, D99

Nozarpour M. and Ramezan Ahmadi M.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(5): 507-512, 2014

ABSTRACT: The purpose of this research is Investigation of Relationship between Accounting Conservatism and Future Profitability in the Listed Companies in Tehran Stock Exchange. We used Ball and Shivakumar and Givoly and Hayn as indexes of conservatism. Also, we used Returns on Assets (ROA) as index of profitability. In this research, sample is 68 firms listed in Tehran stock exchange that are analyzed for the period of 1386-1391 by using of the Panel Data system and Ordinary Least Square Regressions (OLS) Model and Chow tests. The results show that accounting conservatism is negative significantly associated with the returns on assets.
Keywords: Accounting Conservatism, Profitability, Returns on Assets


pii: S225199391400100-4

Assessment of Knowledge Management Correlation with Organizational Learning with Research Performance

Original Research, D100

Davoudi, L. and Zaianlipour H.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(5): 513-518, 2014

ABSTRACT: It could be say that each university has two major roles, including the role of education and research. Research is related to other variables such as knowledge management and organizational learning. Therefore, the present study investigated the relationship between knowledge management and organizational learning, faculty research performance, Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences in educational year 2013.Methods the study was correlational study. 105 faculty members, Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences were selected classification random sampling as sample of this research. Tools for data collection in this study included: a demographic questionnaire, the questionnaire of knowledge management (Lawson), Organizational Learning Inventory and the inventory of Geravand’s Research Performance. The results showed that the dimensions of knowledge management variables were entered into the regression results showed that only three dimensions of knowledge creation, knowledge capture and dissemination of knowledge, significant predictors of research performance. When the dimensions of organizational learning variables were entered into the regression results showed that only two dimensions, significant predictors of research performance. In totally when dimensions of knowledge management and organizational learning were entered into the regression equation, the result showed, only two dimensions of knowledge creation, knowledge capture were predictor of research performance. In general it could be say that the knowledge management and organizational learning have a crucial role in the performance of faculty research. Thus, strategies for knowledge management and organizational learning, can significantly improve the professional faculty and the University to create a science competition.
Keywords: Knowledge management, Organizational learning, Research performance, Faculty member of university.


pii: S225199391400101-4

Correlation of Considerations Principle in Bilateral Contracts

Original Research, D101

Salari T., Arefian A.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(5): 519-523, 2014

ABSTRACT: Correlation of considerations principle is an important principle in contracts, and though not directly addressed in the Civil law, has an important effect on the regulations of obligations. This principle explains this fact that not only in the two-obligation or bilateral contracts the obligations or reciprocal considerations become so correlated that one can no longer divide the contract into two independent obligations, but also describes how these two obligations affect each other in such a way that they form a unified body called aqd (the contract). The effects and consequences of this principle on bilateral contracts can be traced in all phases of a contract. As a result of the correlation of considerations principle, the cause of the obligations, which is the promise both parties make to each other, must have requirements for the contracts to be realized without which the contract won't materialize at all. Also, the motive of an obligation should be taken into consideration only if it is stated and has met mutual assent (meeting of the minds). The governance of correlation of considerations principle on the contract continues after the conclusion of the contract and lasts until it is fully executed, and also gives rise to lien and several liability in the latter phases of the contract.
Keywords: Correlations of considerations principle, Cause of obligation, Motive of obligation, Lien, several liability


pii: S225199391400102-4

Methodological Experiences of Localization the Rural Family Well-being Spatial Core Indicators (R.F.W.S.C.I.), Case study: Jiroft-Iran

Original Research, D102

Shahdadi Khajeh Askari, A.,Rokn-al-din Eftekhari, A. PourTaheri, M.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(5): 524-530, 2014

ABSTRACT: The indicators of well-being are socially and locally constructed based on the cultural values of communities. This allows for different indicators to be produced from one community to another. A painstaking review of Researches shows that studies of rural family spatial well-being indicators in Iran are limited and generally are not suitable for explaining the rural family spatial well-being, hence the need for this study. The primary goal of this article, therefore, is to extract and localize the rural family well-being spatial core indicators, with concern on Jiroft city. A secondary goal is to rank the R.F.W.S.C.I., by elite’s triangle. For fulfilling the goals, by using a decision model of paired comparison with 30 elites triangle, have usually only been asked the extent to identify and ranking the core state indicators that monitors a real image of rural family well-being in Jiroft, Iran. Findings determined the R.F.W.S.C.I. and rank of them for monitoring the rural family well-being.
Keywords: Rural family well-being, Spatial indicators, Monitoring, health, Jiroft.


pii: S225199391400103-4

The Relationship between Religious Beliefs and Family Communication Pattern with Social Adjustment of High School Students of Bastak Town, Iran

Original Research, D103

Kharbary-bastak N, Javidy H, Kazemi S.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(5): 531-535, 2014

ABSTRACT: The aim of current study is to analyze the relationship between religious beliefs and families communication pattern with social adjustment of high school boys and girls in Bastak town would mean 2012-2013 school year. The population included all high school students of Bastak Town. For sample selection random cluster sampling method has been used and total number of 228 students (113 boys-115 girls) were selected. The data collection is done with religious beliefs questionnaire, the revised instruments of family communication pattern and to social adjustment questionnaire, and a revised adult adjustment questionnaire and analyzed. In this study, the Pearson correlational method and multi variable regression are used. The results showed that there is a significant relationship between religious beliefs and social adjustment and also there is a significant relationship between families communication pattern and social adjustment and both of the variables are effective in anticipation of social adjustment.
Religious Beliefs, Family Communication Patter, Social Adjustment, Bastak Town