Volume 2 : Issue 2, March 2012

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The examination of the effect of welfare family counseling classes on marital satisfaction of couples

Original Research, B5
Ali Nik Bakht

J. Life Sci. Biomed.
2(2): 25-28, 2012.

ABSTRACT: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of welfare family counseling classes on marital satisfaction of couples.   Therefore, sample 60 cases (30 pairs) of the people who referred to welfare family counseling centers were randomly selected. In order to evaluate of marital satisfaction of couples, forms which include 47 questions to assess marital satisfaction, ENRICH marital satisfaction scale was used. Before the start of classes, participants were asked to complete marital satisfaction questionnaire. One month after completion of the course, participants were asked to complete their satisfaction questionnaires.   After collecting and scoring data, with using software SPSS, independent and dependent t tests, results were analyzed. Results showed that family education classes have not a significant effect on marital satisfaction of couples participated in the classes. Also, results showed that there is no significant difference between marital satisfaction of men and women in pre-test and after-test.

Keywords: Family counseling, Couples, Marital Satisfaction, ENRICH Questionnaires.


. A Comparative Analysis of Family Communication Patterns with Academic Achievement in Bandar Abbas City Male and Female Students of Third Grade Guidance School

Original Research, B6
Reza Fallahchai and Fatemeh Darkhord

J. Life Sci. Biomed.
2(2): 29-33, 2012.

ABSTRACT: The objective of the present research was a comparative analysis of the family communication patterns on academic achievement in Bandar Abbas City male and female students of third grade guidance school. The statistical community of this Ex Pose Facto research method included all of male and female students of third grade guidance school. The sample members were 300, including 150 male and 150 female students chosen by classified random sampling method. The family communication patterns scale was used in this research. To analyze the findings, the two-way variance analysis was used. The research findings showed that the family communication patterns had a meaningful role in the students’ academic achievement. The role of different family patterns on the student’s Academic Achievement explains that some family communication patterns, cause more Academic Achievement for both male and female students. In general, in communication patterns, agreeing with a total Academic Achievement average of (17.01) and pluralist with a total Academic Achievement average of (1806), a meaningful difference in Academic Achievement was obtained in favor of male students. But there was no meaningful difference in other patterns.

Keywords: Family Communication Pattern, Academic Achievement, Student


Validation of “Prosocial Tendencies Measure” in Iranian University Students

Original Research, B7
Alireza Azimpour, Abdolkazem Neasi, Manizhe Shehni-Yailagh and Nasrin Arshadi

J. Life Sci. Biomed.
2(2): 34-42. 2012.

ABSTRACT: The aim of the present study was to examine the validity of Prosocial Tendency Measure (PTM) in Iranian students. This scale measures 6 types of prosocial tendencies including altruistic, anonymous, dire, emotional, compliant and public prosocial tendencies (Carlo and Randal, 2002). We used 182 undergraduate students in order to study the validity of the scale by confirmatory factor analysis method, internal consistency and relationships to other measures. Also 34 students were used for test retest reliability procedure. We studied the relationships of the measure s’ subscales to additional items, empathy, religiosity and social desirability. The results showed that this measure has acceptable fitness on Carlo and Randall (2002) model. Also the subscales of this measure had acceptable internal consistency and reliability after test retest. The subscales of compliant, emotional, anonymous and altruism had positive and significant relationships with empathy but there was negative relationship between public to empathy. The subscales of compliant and anonymous had positive and significant relationships with religiosity. Social desirability had negative and significant correlation to public. But social desirability had also positive and significant relationships to anonymous and altruism. There was not any significant difference between girls and boys in any of six PTM subscales.  

Keywords: Prosocial Tendencies Measure, empathy, religiosity, social desirability.  


The examination of symptoms of mental disorders in firefighters and their spouses

Original Research, B8
Orchide Sharifian and Ali Nik Bakht

J. Life Sci. Biomed.
2(2): 43-47. 2012.

ABSTRACT: Occupational hazards of firefighting profession display with the divulging and aggravation of physical and mental diseases types. The purpose of this study was the examination of symptoms of mental disorders in firefighters and their spouses. Therefore, all firefighters working in the operational section of Bandar Abbas (80 persons) and their spouses (54 persons) were selected and with using the MMPI questionnaire 71 questionnaire were tested. Correlation method was used to analyze the data. Results of study were showed that more than half of the firefighters had symptoms of mental disorder and 44percent of their spouses also had symptoms of mental disorder. Howe scale, and paranoia scale of depression in their spouses of firefighters, had the highest frequency. The most common colons code in firefighters was 24.42 and in their spouses was 16.61 respectively. Another finding of this study was that there was the positive and significant relationship between the personality profile of fire fighting and their spouses.   The conclusion of this study is that about half of the firefighters and their spouses are at risk of mental disorders that this amount is more than normal levels of normal society and is needed that be more attention to mental health in this group.

Keywords: Mental disorder, Fire fighting, MMPI, Personality profile.


 Performance of Managers Based on Educational Assignments from Students and Managers' Viewpoint: a review

Review Research, B9
Hamideh Allahgholi and Homa Ghafourian

J. Life Sci. Biomed.
2(2): 48-51. 2012.

ABSTRACT: Although the most precious element of any organization is human being and human power, there is no doubt that human resource management unit can secure, improve and conserve human in a way that corresponds its needs in present and future challenges of any organizational unit. Nowadays, knowledge and experiment make managers to understand the major part of difficulties of organization and its principals are directly related to human power issues. It's important to note that low quality of production and services, dissatisfaction of clients and customers, unachievable organizational objectives, not having effective enrolment on world competitions, low amount of income, are the most significant factors in supplying organization mission. If management is considered as motivating factor of organizational elements in coordinating programs, responsibilities of managers are supplementing main principles of organization. Objective of this review is to evaluate managers΄ proceed in art & technology high schools in the case of educational assignments from teachers and their own viewpoint.
Key words:
management, function evaluation, educational assignments


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