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JLSB---COVER-2Journal of Life Science and Biomedicine

ISSN: 2251-9939

Frequency: Bimonthly

Current Issue: 2016, Vol: 6, Issue: 5 (September)


The Journal of Life Science and Biomedicine is aimed to improve the quality and standard of life with emphasis on the related branches of science such as biology, physiology, biochemistry, zoology, anatomy, pathology and their applications and innovations in medicine and healthcare... view full aims and scope


jlsb-1077--Research Paper

Results of Gastroesophageal Collector Modified Total Dissociation in Patients with Portal Hypertension.

Nazyrov FG, Devyatov AV, Babadjanov AKh and Ruziboev SA.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 6 (5): 115-119, 2016; pii:S225199391600019-6

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On the Physiology and Medicine of Aging.

Pandit A, Pandey Bahuguna D, Kumar Pandey A, Pandey BL.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 6 (5): 106-114, 2016; pii:S225199391600018-6

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JLSB-05Aug-originalResearch Paper

Screening of Novel Angiotensin I Converting Enzyme Inhibitory Peptides Derived From Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Salmon Protamine.

Rasyad F, Huang TC, Hsu JL, Fadjar M.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 6 (5): 100-105, 2016; pii:S225199391600017-6

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Research Paper

Efficacy of Endoscopic Interventions in Prevention of Gastroeshophageal Bleeding in Patients with Liver Cirrhosis.

Babadjanov A.Kh. Djumaniyazov D.A., Ruziboev S.A., Baibekov R.R. and Salimov U.R.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 6 (4): 94-99, 2016; pii:S225199391600016-6

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altResearch Paper

Characteristic of Shredded Made from Boiled Fish (Euthynnus Affinis) with Substitution of Okara.

Yuli Pujiastuti D, Hardoko and Eka Puspitasari Y.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 6 (4): 90-93, 2016; pii:S225199391600015-6

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altResearch Paper

Determining the Reference Intervals of Long-Chain Fatty Acids, Phytanic Acid and Pristanic Acid for Diagnostics of Peroxisome Disorders in Children.

Mamedov I.S., Zolkina I.V., Glagovsky P.B., Sukhorukov V. S.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 6 (4): 83-89, 2016; pii:S225199391600014-6

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

1075Research Paper

Some Morphometric and Microbiological Aspects of Erosive-Ulcerous Lesions in Upper Part of Digestive Tract in Patients with Hepatocirrhosis and Portal Hypertension.

Ibadov RA, Devyatov AV, Babadjanov A.Kh, Baibekov IM, Irmatov S.Kh, Djumaniyazov DO, Strijkov NA.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 6 (4): 76-82, 2016; pii:S225199391600013-6

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Research Paper

Evaluation Energy Efficiency in Biodiesel Production from Canola; A Case Study.

Abshar R and Sami M.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 6 (3): 71-75, 2016; pii:S225199391600012-6

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Morality and Ethics: A Brief Review.

Khatibi M and Khormaei F.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 6 (3): 66-70, 2016; pii:S225199391600011-6

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JLSB-1074-lowResearch Paper

Dry Matter Yield, Chemical Composition and In Vitro Dry Matter Digestibility of Selected Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) Accessions in North Western, Ethiopia.

Walie M, Eshetie T, Mekonnen W, Hunegnaw B and Kebede A.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 6 (3): 60-65, 2016; pii:S225199391600010-6

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Research Paper

An Adaptation of the Synectics Model for Effective Physician Counseling.

Monk JJ, Gupta AK and Weiss L.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 6 (3): 53-59, 2016; pii:S225199391600009-6

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

JLSB-1073-lowResearch Paper

Results of Portosystemic Shunting in Patients with Liver Cirrhosis.

Nazyrov FG, Devyatov AV, Babadjanov A.Kh, Raimov SA, Salimov UR.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 6 (3): 45-53, 2016; pii:S225199391600008-6

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