Volume 2 : Issue 3, May 2012

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The Qualitative Analysis of Effective Elements in Decrease of Academic Motivation in High School Students of Hormozgan Province

Original Research, B10
Sheikhi Fini, A., Fooladi A. and Samavi S.A.

J. Life Sci. Biomed. 2(3): 52-58, 2012.

ABSTRACT: The present qualitative study analyzed influential factors in reducing the academic motivation in high school students of Hormozgan province and presented some strategies to improve it. In this regard two issues are discussed. First, which factors cause decrease in academic motivation students and other which strategies improve their motivation for more educational achievements in four areas: mental and cognitive; needs and talents; social-Value; academic planning and classroom management. The research methodology is descriptive-analytic in a form of studying available documents and papers which has been analyzed and concluded in a qualitative manner. The research findings include important factors affecting decreasing educational motivation of students such as lack of understanding and proper knowledge of students due to education goals, pursuing study at high school courses and wrong believes and mentality exist in the society, economic poverty of many of rural students studying at high school courses, adverse impact of inappropriate classroom environment, behavior of teachers, family members, peers, multimedia and cultural invasion; students unfamiliarity with proper principles of planning and problem-solving methods; teachers inadequate skills on the principles of cooperative and active teaching methods and techniques at classroom and lack of skilled manpower. Main strategies to improve academic motivation of the students include efforts and plans of cultural organizations in order to change attitude and insight of society due to actual nature and objectives of Islamic educational and holding training workshop in this respect, building   standard classroom spaces and providing educational facilities and instruments required for students to study in high school courses, deepening and developing educational-cultural activities, holding students competitions and festivals and providing positive emotional atmosphere and mutual receptiveness at school and home, continuing training of consultants, solving problem of skilled teachers and consultants shortage and holding the training course during fulfillment of their service commitment period, coordination between content of textbooks and classroom environment in order to conduct active and cooperative teaching methods.
Keywords: qualitative analysis, academic motivation, academic achievement, high school students, Hormozgan provinc


The Study of Domestic Violence Factors among Women in Abhar

Original Research, B11
Ghadimi M. and Sadeghi M.
J. Life Sci. Biomed.
2(3): 59-61, 2012.

ABSTRACT: The purpose of the present study was to explore the relationships between lack of understanding in life, cultural and belief differences of couples, patriarchal culture, and the feeling of relative deprivation with men's violence against women. So, One hundred and twenty-five working women of Abhar city (Zanjan Province in Iran) were selected using simple random sampling. The participants completed researcher-made questionnaire. The results indicated that there were significant positive relationships between lack of understanding in life, cultural and belief differences of couples, patriarchal culture, and the feeling of relative deprivation with men's violence against women.
Keywords: lack of understanding in life, cultural and belief differences of couples, patriarchal culture, feeling of relative deprivation, domestic violence


Positive and negative conception of God and its relationship with students’ self-esteem and mental health

Original Research, B12
Khaksari Z. and khosravi Z.
J. Life Sci. Biomed.
2(2): 62-68. 2012.

ABSTRACT: The objective of this study is investigation of the relationship of positive and negative conception of God with self-esteem and mental health among high school students. The sample of this research includes 300 students (149 girls and 151 boys) in grade two at high school in different fields of study. The students were selected by the use of simple random sampling method and were evaluated through three instruments, mental health questionnaire (GHQ, 28), Cooper self-esteem questionnaire and the questionnaire of conception of God. For analyzing the collected data, three statistical methods of correlation coefficient, multi-variable variance and step by step regression were used. The findings of the research showed that a significant positive correlation is seen between positive conception of God with mental health and self-esteem. Moreover, the results of the findings have shown that a significant positive correlation is seen between self-esteem and mental health. Additionally, the result of step by step regression test showed that the first factor having a determining contribution in predicting mental health is self-esteem factor and the second factor is negative conception of God.
Keywords: Positive conception of God, Negative conception of God, Self-esteem, Mental health.


The study of the relationship between sensation seeking and type A personality with doing deliberate and unintentional violation in driving

Original Research, B13
M. Babamiri, M. Javdan, M. Dehghani, H. Baryaji, and M. Abbasi
J. Life Sci. Biomed.
2(3): 69-71. 2012.

ABSTRACT: The main purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between sensation seeking and type A personality with doing deliberate and unintentional violation in driving. Statistical population comprised of all drivers of intercity transport stations of Ahvaz. The sample included 121 people, selected randomly by accessible sampling manner and response to the Manchester driving behavior questionnaire, Zuckerman sensation seeking questionnaire and type A personality questionnaire. Results indicated that there is a positive significant relationship between sensation seeking and deliberate violation. The relationship between sensation seeking and unintentional violation and relationship between type A personality with deliberate and unintentional violation was not significant. The results indicated that sensation seeking was able to predict deliberate violation and considering this personality characteristic can play a great role in reduce of driving accident.
Keywords: deliberate violation, unintentional violation, type A personality, sensation seeking



The evaluation of effective factors failing to learn English in high school male students in Minab

Original Research, B14
Javdan M., Sezide K. and Shoja A.
J. Life Sci. Biomed.
2(3): 72-78. 2012.

ABSTRACT: This research was to explore English learning troubles of the high schools located in Minab. This is the reason why 240 high school male students in Minab were chosen by purposive sampling, who were studying in 2011-12 with their marks in English module less than 10 out of 20, they then filled in academic self-perception questionnaire (made by researcher) and Psychological climate classroom questionnaire made by Frazer and others, asking for the reasons of not being successful in learning English in relation to the climate atmosphere in the classroom. Last researches suggest elements such as Family, one’s self-perception, climate classroom and level of difficulty in home works for academic failure. Statistical analysis of regression shows that this model explains 74.9% of effective elements in learning languages’ variance. The correlation coefficient demonstrated that the elements below respectively are related to English learning at high schools: Family 73%, psychological classroom atmosphere 69%, one’s self-perception 51%, the perception of school and the teacher 31%. The multiple correlation coefficient R was 87% and the coefficient of determination (R2) was 75%. Final evaluation of the model was confirmed analysis of significant level.
Key words: learning, English language, high school, studentsهدف از پژوهش حاضر، بررسي تاثير كلاسهاي مشاوره خانواده بهزيستي بر رضايت زناشويي بود.



Hard corals fauna of Larak Island (Persian Gulf, Iran)

Original Research, B15
Shojae, F. Kamrani, E. Ranjbar, M.S. and Mirzadeh, M.
J. Life Sci. Biomed.
2(3): 79-82. 2012.

ABSTRACT: The coral reefs areas in Iranian part of the Persian Gulf are very extensive, but despite its vast shoreline in its southern border very little research has been conducted on coral reefs. In the present study, the coral reefs in the station (i.e. northern east) and the station (i.e. west) was surveyed using Manta Tow Technique and GPS. Specimens of hard corals collected and photographed in the Larak Island for identification. The percentage cover of coral reefs was assessed using Reef Check and Manta Tow Technique. 22 species of hard corals belong to 14 genera and 7 families were identified in northern east Station and in west Station 14 species of hard corals belong to 10 genera and 8 families were identified. Faviidae was the diverse corals in stations. Acropora corals (90 %) were the most abundant family in the northern east station and Favia corals (45 %) were the most abundant family in the west station. Comparison of these two selected stations show that station is located in north east of Larak Island with 22 species was more richness in comparison with station of west of Larak Island with 14 species. Comparison of the coral community at the study area with other Iranian Islands showed that corals of Larak Island bear the low diversity.
Keywords: Coral Reef, Biodiversity, Larak Island, Dominant Species, Hard Corals


Compare the Effectiveness of Task-Process Training and Effectiveness of Task-Process Training Coupled with Reinforcement of Motor Skills in the Academic Performance of Spelling in Students with Learning Disabilities in Bandar Abbas.

Original Research, B16
Bidaki, A, Zainalipour H, Zarei, E and Moridi, F.
J. Life Sci. Biomed.
2(3): 83-87. 2012.

ABSTRACT: Purpose of the present study is to compare the effectiveness of task-process training and effectiveness of task-process training coupled with reinforcement of motor skills in the academic performance of spelling in students with learning disabilities in Bandar Abbas city. This study (quasi-experimental) is important because today children with learning disorders are considered as the biggest group of exceptional children. The study population includes all students admitted in learning disability centers of Bandar Abbas and total number of available samples in this study is 60 (30 in the control group and 30 in the experimental group). One of these centers is considered randomly as the control group and the other one is experimental group. Both experimental and control groups were matched in terms of spelling pre-test using the IQ test, Wechsler motor skill tests of   Oseretsky for testing intelligence and motor skills and also by using t-test for independent groups. In addition, t- test of other independent samples was performed on the pre-test and post-test results of two groups (separately) in order to determine the effect of their trainings on academic performance. Moreover, t-test of other independent samples was performed on post-test of each group. Results showed that both training methods have had an impact on academic performance of spelling, but task-process trainings coupled with reinforcement of motor skills have had more impact on academic performance.
Key words: task-process, learning disabilities, motor skills and academic performance


Accumulation of Heavy Metals (Pb, Cd, V) in Sediment, Roots and Leaves of Mangrove Species in Sirik Creek along the Sea Coasts of Oman, Iran.

Original Research, B17
Keshavarz, M. Mohammadikia, D. Gharibpour, F. and Dabbagh, A.R.
J. Life Sci. Biomed.
2(3): 88-91. 2012.

ABSTRACT: Sirik mangrove forests harbour two species, Avicennia marina and Rhizophora macronata living in Azini Creek. Because of a fishing port at Azini Creek, this study was conducted to determine heavy metals concentrations in the Sirik mangrove forests along the Oman Sea coasts. Substantial component analysis of heavy metal concentration in sediments surrounding roots zones of mangrove species showed that Cd and V were negligible, while the Pb concentrations were higher than those found in leaves and roots. Concentrations of Cd and V in the leaves and roots also were negligible.
KEY WORDS: coasts of Oman; Iran; heavy metals; Mangrove species; Sirik Creek


Comparative study of the distribution the marsh crab, Sartoriana rokitanskyi in Hormozgan Province

Original Research, B18
Mirzadeh, M. Kamrani, E .Sojae, F. Nakhodai, S and Dabbagh, A.R.
J. Life Sci. Biomed.
2(3): 92-94. 2012.

ABSTRACT: The study was conducted in 2009 in order to investigate the marsh crab, Sartoriana rokitanskyi from Hormozgan, Iran. The Sartoriana rokitanskyi is found in the mud in the Geno and Rudan marshes. The findings showed that the distribution of the marsh crabs in Rudan marsh is wider than Geno. On the other hand, the crabs in Geno marsh are bigger than those in Rudan.
Keywords: Distribution; Marsh crab; Sartoriana rokitanskyi; Hormozgan Province


Study Relationship between Life Skills, Competency, Perceived Self–Efficacy, Mental Vitality, Adjustment to University and Psychological Well–Being Components in Undergraduate Students of Islamic Azad University of Ramhormoz

Original Research, B19
Zarei, E. and Klantari F.
J. Life Sci. Biomed.
2(3): 95-100. 2012.

ABSTRACT: The aim of this study is to examine the relationship between life skills, competency, perceived self–efficacy, mental vitality, adjustment to university and psychological well–being components. For this purpose, 360 junior students of Islamic Azad University (first and second semester) of Ramhormoz were Chosen in a Simple random method. Findings proved that there was a positive Correlation between life skills, self–efficacy, perceived efficiency, adjustment to university and student's psychological well–being. The result of regression analysis showed that, these variables explain 41% of the student's psychological well–being variance. Also, life skills, self–efficacy, perceived competency, adjustment to university, correlate positively with meaning fully to satisfaction. The results of step by step regression showed that the above mentioned variables explain %11 of satisfaction variance, finally a positive and meaningful Correlation was seen between the variables of life skills, efficiency, perceived self–efficacy, adjustment to university and vitality of the students. Of these 3 variables, the step by step regression analysis showed that only life skills and adjustment to university enter the regression equation, and explain 28% of mental vitality variance of the students. The results of this study, together with theoretical principles and the studies done earlier, show that variables such as life skills , self–efficacy, perceived efficiency and adjustment to university have a leading role in the components of psychological well–being of college students.
Key words: life skills, Efficiency, perceived self- Efficacy, adjustment, psychological well–being, mental vitality.


Evaluation of The Impact of Dinder National Park Project (DNPP) on the Local community in Dinder Area, Sudan

Original Research, B20
Ramzy A. Y. EHussien, Fawzi. A. M. Ahmed, Reem R. M. Salih
J. Life Sci. Biomed.
2(3): 101-104. 2012.

ABSTRACT: This study was conducted in Dinder National Park to evaluate the impact of Dinder National Park Development Project (DNPDP). The project, benefiting from the Area Development Schemes (ADSs) experiences had established about 25 VDCs among the communities surrounding the Dinder Park. The DNPP main objectives were conservation of biodiversity of the park and interaction of the surrounding communities in the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in the Park through the application of concepts of Biosphere Reserve management. The questionnaires were distributed local communities to know their perceptions towards the DNPDP. Most of the Community members i.e. about 74.7% said that the project was successful whereas in the opinion of 25.3% respondents the project was not successful.
Key words:
Dinder National Park Project (DNPP), Local community, Village


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