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Effect Received ISO 9000 Certification on Financial Performance such as Liquidity Ratios and Leverage Ratios

Original Research, C16

Taleb Beydokhti, A. and Sadeghi, M.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 3(2): 88-93, 2013.

ABSTRACT: The purpose of this paper is to study the correlations between the effect of ISO 9000 certification and financial performance companies. This statistical research includes 60 active companies in Tehran Stock Exchange during the financial years of 2008 to 2010.By year2004 they were awarded the ISO certification, which has 30 companies ISO certification and 30 companies without ISO certification and classification of randomly. To specify the correlations, 5 hypotheses have been considered and to examine them, the tests of correlation and regression Log it were used. Hypothesis were established based on the correlation between ISO 9000 certification and the ratios current, quick ratio and the ratio cover the financial costs, debt ratio and the debt to equity rati.The results show that there is a strong correlation between Liquidity Ratios and ISO 9000 certification and a weak correlation between leverage ratios with ISO 9000 certification. Among main variables, current ratios, quick ratio and the ratio cover the financial costs have the best effect on ISO 9000 certification. Therefore, that investors recommended should consider when investing in this topic.
: ISO 9000 Certified, Financial Performance, Liquidity Ratios, Leverage Ratios, Stock Exchange


Environmental Policy and Sustainable Innovation: A Step toward Greening and Gaining a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Original Research, C17

Pouraskari M.H. and Shahryari I.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 3(2): 94-99, 2013.

ABSTRACT: Following the rise of environmental concerns and state laws and regulations on environmental protection as well as the emergence of green consumers, the green marketing approach seems vital and yet necessary more than ever. The present study aimed to examine the importance of being green and the organization musts for adopting the green marketing philosophy and therefore the innovation and development of environmental products. It also reviewed the path of organizations toward sustainable development and growth and strengthening their competitive position through the use of environmentally friendly innovative techniques and producing goods and services that are less harmful to the environment. The test results of the data collected from 107 managers of small and medium enterprises (SME) in Iran show the managers' awareness of emerging opportunities to gain competitive advantage by considering environmental issues in the business and turning to the sustainable innovation. As the test results of the research hypotheses and the proposed model showed, the adoption of green marketing concept by managers is positively associated with sustainable innovation and competitive position of the company. Also, sustainable innovation of the company has a positive impact on the competitive position and finally, competitive position is positively related to the company profitability.
Key words: green marketing, innovation of environmental products, sustainable innovation, sustainable competitive advantage, profitability



 Comparison of Family Functioning and Content in Families Faced With Disloyalty and Normal Families

Original Research, C18

Hashemi, L. and Didgah, T.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 3(2): 100-106, 2013.

ABSTRACT: Aim of present study was comparison of process and content in families faced with disloyalty and normal families. Thus, 91 women and men who face with spouse disloyalty and 100 ordinary women and men who did not have had such an experience were selected by Convenience Sampling method and completed research tools include process scales and family content. Results showed that families faced with disloyalty obtained lower grades than the normal families in all processes (problem solving and decision making skills, coping skills, consistency and mutual respect, communication skills and religious beliefs); also in content aspect, normal families maintain their dominance in satisfaction of togetherness, satisfaction with physical appearance, social prestige, physical and mental health and the satisfaction from educational facilities. Overall, findings indicated efficiency of family process and content model in distinguish between families faced with disloyalty and normal families. Implications and applications of the findings are discussed in the text.
: Spouses, Disloyalty, Family Process, Family Content


Array of allusion and its position in the Persian speech

Original Research, C19

Kheirandish S.M. and Dorri N.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 3(2): 107-111, 2013.

ABSTRACT: Allusion is the fourth literary figure of speech in rhetoric. The literal definition of the word (allusion) is a hidden conversation and in rhetorical terms it consists of: a word which is said with the purpose of an unreal meaning (denotation), or it can refer to the connotation of the word. Although allusion is less poetic or artistic, in contrast to the other aesthetic elements; it can be viewed in the language field. In literary texts allusion is one of the devices used by the writers and preachers, and is effective in adding beauty and elegance to the literary work. In this essay the place of this poetic element and the way it affects and relates to other literary elements, and its importance in developing the process of the speech will be discussed.
: Rhetoric, Aesthetics, Poetry, Allusion, Imagination.



 Conservatism Relationship between Financial Reporting Quality and Efficiency of Capital Investments in Tehran Stock Exchange

Original Research, C20

Taleb Beydokhti.A. And Rostami. H.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 3(2): 112-117, 2013.

ABSTRACT: The present studies investigate the relationship between financial reporting quality and efficiency of capital Investments in firms accepted at Tehran stock exchange. Statistical Society considering determined characteristics of firms accepted in Tehran exchange in 5 year period from 2006 to 2010. Also six hypotheses were designed studied with the aid of statistical tests. The results suggest that there is a positive relation between financial reporting quality level and invest efficiency level and There is not negative relation between financial reporting quality and Over-and Under-investment and also there is positive interrelationship between reporting quality with relation efficiency investment and financial reporting quality level and the one with financial reporting quality.
: Financial Reporting Quality, Investment Efficiency, Over-and Under-Investment


Relationship between Emotional and Social Adjustment with Marital Satisfaction

Original Research, C21

Adli M., Haidari H., Zarei E. and Sadeghifard M.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 3(2): 118-122, 2013.

ABSTRACT: This study investigated the relationship of emotional and social adjustment with marital satisfaction. The study was descriptive and correlation type, and its statistic population was all employees within the education system in Lar city, and 228 subjects were randomly selected as a sample. Enrich marital satisfaction questionnaire and sub-scales emotional adjustment and social adjustment of Bell Adjustment Inventory were used for data collection. For data analysis, multivariate regression analysis and Pearson's correlation coefficient was used. Data analysis showed that there is a significant relationship between social and emotional adjustment and marital satisfaction. The multivariate regression results showed that the emotional adjustment predicts marital satisfaction better than social adjustment. Generally, social adjustment and emotional adjustment, both predict marital satisfaction but emotional adjustment has a higher predictive power.
: Marital Satisfaction, Social Adjustment, Emotional Adjustment


The Identification of The Factors Related to Mental Illnesses in Hospitalized Women of Sirjan

Original Research, C22

Khezripour, F., Manzari Tavakoli, A. and Manzari Tavakoli, H.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 3(2): 123-128, 2013.

ABSTRACT: The aim of this research is to identify the factors related to mental   illnesses in women hospitalized in Imam Reza [as] hospital in 1390. The current research method is a description of the kind of solidarity and census population of women, hospitalized in Imam Reza hospital in the city of Sirjan, where 200 individuals were selected, tested and filled the current psychological disorders Questionnaire research tool, and made this research possible to be achieved. The analysis of data with descriptive and statistical methods (the mean and standard deviation) and the deductive statistical solidarity ratio signify that there is a relation between genetic factors, drug use, social class, financial situation, family relations, occupation and psychological illnesses.
: Mental Disorders, Hospitalized Women, Related Factor


Study of Relationship Between Agency Theory and Management Ownership in Tehran Stock Exchange During 2006-2010 Years

Original Research, C23

Chahkhoii, F. Abedini, B. and Armin, A.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 3(2): 129-134, 2013.

ABSTRACT: In this study the relationship between ownership as independent variables and agency costs and the costs of independent audit as a dependent variable was examined. The measure of management property, the property of member ownership and the measure of agency costs to sale cost, general costs to total sale were considered، with respect to the determine, characteristics، the statistic sample in this study included 195 accepted firms in Tehran Stock Exchange and 5 years old for research 1385 to 1389. For doing this study, two assumptions were designed, examined by statistic tests. The results show that between management ownership and agency costs and Audi, there is a significant correlation.
: Agency Theory, Agency Costs, Management Ownership, Conflict of Interest.


A Survey of the Relationship Between Income Smoothing and Stock Market Prices and Financial Ratios in Accepted Firms in Tehran Stock Exchange

Original Research, C24

Nafea S., Vakilifard H. and Fathollahi J.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 3(2): 135-139, 2013.

ABSTRACT: In this research, first, profit smoothing of the companies listed on Tehran stock exchange is measured. For this measurement negative correlation between discretional and non-discretional accruals, and changes in anticipated profit were used. The main objective of this study is to find out whether or not the companies listed on Tehran stock exchange market smooth their profit to influence their market share price. Therefore, in the primary hypothesis, the effects of profit smoothing on the market share price of the company were identified and studied. Then the factors affecting profit smoothing behaviour of the companies were discussed. Therefore, independent variables, in the secondary hypothesis, were cash ratio (current ratio), liability ratio (interest cover), and profitability (return on equity [ROE]), whereas profit smoothing was dependent variable. In this research, 182 companies (statistical population) were studied in a period of five years (1385-1389). The result of the research showed that profit smoothing would increase the share price. In addition, it became clear that there was a negative correlation between profit smoothing and current ratio, interest cover, and ROE.
: Profit Smoothing, Stock Market Price, Current Ratio, Interest Cover, Return on Equity [ROE]


Analyzing the connection between Implicit & Explicit self-esteem with borderline personality among students of girls dormitory in Islamic Azad University, Arsanjan Branch

Original Research, C25

Sedaghat A., Bardideh M.R., Hajizadeh H. and Younesi F.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 3(2): 140-144, 2013.

ABSTRACT:The goal of current study is analysing the connection between Implicit & Explicit self-esteem with borderline personality among students of girls dormitory of Islamic Azad University, Arsanjan Branch. 950 students of girls' dormitory of Islamic Azad University, Arsanjan branch were firstly selected through sampling method and then being limited by employing purposeful sampling method. The manner of selection was as follows: firstly borderline personality questionnaire were distributed among samples. Then, 50 persons who had achieved the highest grade were selected through purposeful sampling method to complete Attachment styles questionnaire. Research tools were borderline personality questionnaire, Rosenberg Implicit Self-esteem questionnaire and self-esteem explicit connection questionnaire. The results indicated that there is a negative and meaningful connection between explicit self-esteem (r=-0.23, ...
Explicit Self-esteem, Implicit Self-esteem, Borderline Personality, Girl Students.


Molavi's expression of (borhane Faskhe Azaem) Schedules and Obligations Annihilation Proof in Recognizing The Lord

Original Research, C26

Zarei Haji abadi E.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 3(2): 145-150, 2013.

ABSTRACT: By using an state related to Imam Ali and referring to some other Ayahs in Qur’an, Molavi believes that one of the best ways or even the best way to recognize the God is Schedules and obligations annihilation or making human's decisions and schedules destroyed and ineffective via God. He believes that human's heart which is the center of decision making, in under the God's authority and power. It means that God can make any change or exchange and power or weak in it, and it is for this reason, when mankind makes his own decision to do something and ruins obstacles and prepares all needed elements to achieve the goal, but suddenly the Lord makes his heart weak and breaks his volition and creates a bias in his heart to another point. From Molavi's viewpoint, with the best manner, this volitions breaking and human's schedules and obligations annihilation addresses him to the creator of those schedules annihilation, who is the Lord.
: Schedules and Obligations Annihilation, God Recognition, Molavi.


The Comparison of Self Concept and Compatibility among Single and Divorced Women in Bandar Abbas

Original Research, C27

Ghabelnejad sardroodi H. and Fallahchai S.R.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 3(2): 151-155, 2013.

ABSTRACT: This is a comparative study that aims at comparing the extent of self-concept and compatibility among single and divorced women in Bandar Abbas (Mostly between 25 to 35 years old). According to this research, the method used is descriptive and of causal-comparative. The study population included all single girls over 25 years, living in the city of Bandar Abbas. All divorced women had their divorce decree issued 12 month before the study. The study samples included 130 people who responded to Roger’s Self-Concept and Bell’s Compatibility questionnaire. The data for this study were analysed using SPSS software. Results from data analysis showed that self-concept of divorcees and singles is not much different. The results also showed that the compatibility of divorced and single individuals is not the same and also reveals that the compatibility of single girls is more than divorced women. It can be concluded that the “compatibility variable” has little predictive power compared to “self-concept variable”.
: Self-Concept, Compatibility, Single Girls, Divorced Woman.


Analyzing the Relation between Styles of Attachment to Parents and Friends and Borderline Personality Specifications in Female Students of Islamic Azad University, Arsanjan Branch Living in Dormitory

Original Research, C28

Sedaghat A., Bardideh MR., Younesi F. and Haghighi H.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 3(2): 156-160, 2013.

ABSTRACT:In this study we intended to analyse the connection between attachment styles with borderline personality among students of female’s dormitory of Islamic Azad University, Arsanjan Branch. 950 students of females' dormitory of Islamic Azad University, Arsanjan branch were firstly selected through sampling method and then being limited by employing purposeful sampling method. The manner of selection was as follows: firstly borderline personality questionnaire were distributed among samples. Then, 50 persons who had achieved the highest grade were selected through purposeful sampling method to complete Attachment styles questionnaire. Research tools were Armsden and Greenberg Attachment Questionnaire and borderline personality scale. The results indicated that there is a positive and meaningful relation between attachment to parents and friends and borderline personality (r=0.29, ...
Attachment Styles, Borderline Personality, Female Students.


Analysis of the Relationship between Burnout and Mental Health in Female Practitioners

Original Research, C29

Zare H., Shayestefar A. and Khaksari Z.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 3(2): 161-166, 2013.

ABSTRACT:Burnout is one of the main factors contributing to the reduction in the efficiency, manpower loss, and development of physical and mental complications especially among human service professionals. Due to the importance of the role of women in the society and family, a research was conducted to study the relationship between burnout and mental health in female practitioners working at government agencies in Minab city. This is a descriptive-correlational study. The population for this study consists of all female practitioners in government agencies in Minab city. The sample included 109 participants who were selected randomly and were studied by means of questionnaires. This study was conducted using the following three questionnaires: the demographic characteristics questionnaire, the Maslach burnout inventory (MBI), and the Goldberg mental health questionnaire (GHQ-28). The majority of the participants were low in emotional exhaustion and depersonalization while 46% of them suffered from a low-level sense of personal accomplishment. A total of 25% of the individuals lacked satisfactory mental health. There was a significant relationship between burnout and mental health at a significance level (...
: Mental Health, Burnout, Female Practitioners.


Study and Comparison the Relationship between Risk and Stock Return in Tehran Stock Exchange with Using Fluctuations Models 

Original Research, C30

Akbarian Rounizi H., Taleb niya G. and Vakili Fard H.R. 

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 3(2): 167-170, 2013.

ABSTRACT: Present research aims at examining relation between risk and stock return in Tehran Stock Exchange, using volatility models. The research was performed upon correlation method. Statistical population, were indices from those companies accepted in Tehran Stock Exchange. In total, 50 companies were selected and went through statistical analysis. Upon results, the longer the periods of times, the more significant were the relation between risk and return.
: Risk, Return, Tehran Stock Exchange, Volatility Models.


The Relationship between Loneliness and Social Acceptance and the Academic Performance of Students

Original Research, C31

Zarei E., Heydari H. & Adli M.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 3(2): 171-175, 2013.

ABSTRACT: The goal of this study is to determine the relationship between loneliness and social acceptance and the academic performance of the students. The research is descriptive-correlative and the statistical population is Lar’s high school students of the school year of 2011-2012. Using multistage random sampling method, 342 students (180 girls and 162 boys) were selected as the statistical sample. Loneliness Questionnaire by Asher, Hymel and Renshaw and also the Marlowe-Crowne Social Desirability Scale were used to collect the data. Pearson correlation coefficient showed that loneliness has a significant relationship with the academic progress of the students ...
: Loneliness, Social Acceptance, Academic Progress.


The Role of Marital Satisfaction and Parents’ Emotional Maturity in High School Students’ Educational Progress

Original Research, C32

A. Heidari H., Adli M. Zarei E. and Samavi S.A.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 3(2): 176-179, 2013.

ABSTRACT: The present research was aimed at investigating the role of marital satisfaction and emotional maturity of parents in educational progress of high school students. Methodology: This is a descriptive correlative research. The statistical population consists of all the employees at Lar City Education Office as well as their children who studied at high school. Of these, 228 employees whose children studied at high school were chosen randomly as samples. For gathering information, the Enrich Marital Satisfaction and Singh and Bhargava’s Emotional Maturity Questionnaires were used. Analysis of data was performed through multi-variable regression and Pierson’s coefficient of correlation. Results: Data analysis showed there was a significant relationship between parents’ emotional maturity and children’s educational progress. However, no significant relationship was observed between parents’ marital satisfaction and their children’s educational progress. According to the results obtained from multi-variable regression, parents’ emotional maturity alone can anticipate their children’s educational progress. Discussion and Conclusion: Parents’ emotional maturity anticipates their children’s educational progress whereas marital satisfaction has no significant effect on the children’s educational progress.
: Emotional Maturity, Educational Progress, Marital Satisfaction, Children, Parents.


 Investigating the Relation between Incremental Profitability Trend and P/E Ratio in the Listed Firms in Tehran Stock Exchange and Identifying Financial Features of These Firms

Original Research, C33

Abedini B., Homayoun A. and Karimi Fard A.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 3(2): 180-184, 2013.

ABSTRACT: Since investors are looking for the desired revenue from their investments and risk reduction in their activities, they need tools to help them to achieve this. Information about profitability of firms and its trend and details of their financial context are among these tools. Study of the relation between incremental profitability trend and price ratio to profit in the firms that are listed in Tehran Stock Exchange and identifying features of these firms have been considered in this study and the goal of this study is to help active investors in this market to identify the firms with better stock performance potential . For this purpose 160 firms were studied for a 5- year period that these firms were from the listed firms in Tehran Stock Exchange (2007-2011). The used methodologies for the first hypothesis and to test the sub-hypotheses of the second hypothesis are Regression and ANOVA respectively. The results of this study show that there isn’t a significant relation between incremental profitability trends and P/E ratio. This result is different from the obtained results from the other conducted studies about similar firms in the US and Taiwan capital markets. Also there was a significant difference between incremental profitability trends and some financial ratios in contrast to other firms.
Key words:
Incremental Profitability Trend, Price-Earnings Ratio (P/E), Financial Features of Firms, Intact Financial Context, Sustainable Potential in Stock Performance


Original Research, C

A. M.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 3(2): , 2013.


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Original Research, C

A. M.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 3(2): , 2013.


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