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pii: S225199391400104-4

Prediction of Positive and Negative Affect from Sexual Satisfaction and Couple Burnout Factors in the Staff

Original Research, D104

Kianfard M, Naderi Nobandegani Z. and Jafariyan H 

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(6): 536-540, 2014.

ABSTRACT: The aim of this study was to predict the positive and negative affect through sexual satisfaction and couple burnout among Tehran Agriculture Jihad’s employees. Gaining the aim 200 subjects was recruited through clustered sampling method from Tehran Agriculture Jihad’s employees. For gathering the data sexual satisfaction, couple burnout, and PANAS (positive and negative affect) scales were used. The mean and standard deviation in descriptive level were used; Pearson’s correlation and regression test were used in inferential level as well. The findings showed that there is positive significant relationship between sexual satisfaction and positive affect. On the other hand, there is negative significant relationship between sexual satisfaction with physical, affective, mental couple burnout subscales, and negative affect. Also, there is negative significant relationship between negative affect and couple burnout subscales. Sexual satisfaction and couple burnout can significantly predict positive and negative affect. Considering the results it could be concluded that by increasing the sexual satisfaction and decreasing the couple burnout through instructing the sexual relationship skills and psychological interventions in marital relationships can promote positive affects among couples.
Key words: Sexual Satisfaction, Couple Burnout, Positive and Negative Affect


pii: S225199391400105-4

 Investigating Effect of Services Quality Dimensions on Insurant Satisfaction; Studying Domain: Customers of Social Security Insurance

Original Research, D105

Zahedifard E., Mohebi S and Dastranj H-a

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(6): 541-549, 2014.

ABSTRACT: Recent research is conducted to investigate effect of service quality dimensions of social security insurance on insurant satisfaction, and also exploring recovery and investigating priorities to increase their satisfaction. First, in the research, conceptual model and research hypothesizes are presented through reviewing files and literature of subject. Then, to test hypothesizes and conceptual model presented here, required data were collected through distributing questionnaire among customers (insurant) of social security insurance in shiraz. Finally, conceptual model and research hypothesizes were examined by using structural equation modelling. Then, based on results obtained from examination of research model, importance – performance quality dimensions of social security insurance services and recognition priorities of quality improvement were studied. Results obtained from drawing importance-performance matrix showed that empathy, as one of the services quality dimensions, is defined as recovery priority for social security organization.
Key words: Services Quality, Insurant Satisfaction


pii: S225199391400106-4

A Study of the Relationship between Empowerment and Organizational Learning among Employees of Gas Transmission Company

Original Research, D106

Rahimian H, Piri Zamaneh M, Ahmadpour M and Piri M.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(6): 550-556, 2014.

ABSTRACT: The present research investigated the relationship between empowerment and organizational learning among employees of Gas Transmission Company. The research was a correlational, descriptive field study. The research population included 240 tenure staff, out of whom 145 were sampled randomly. A questionnaire, based on Spritzer’s Psychological Empowerment questionnaire and Mishra's, was used, totalling to 18 items. For organizational learning, Niphe's questionnaire with 31 items was used. The reliability of instruments was approved by Cronbach’s alphas of %807 for empowerment and %796 for organizational learning. The results indicated that there was a significant relationship between empowerment and organizational learning (r=%481). Each dimensions of empowerment was significantly related, the highest (r=%578) belonging to the trust dimension.
Key words: Psychological Empowerment, Organizational Learning, Gas Transmission Company


pii: S225199391400107-4

The Performance Evaluation of Medical Sciences University, and Health Care Services in Hormozgan Based on Balanced Scorecard with a Fuzzy Logic Approach

Original Research, D107

Hassanzadeh H, Dianat M, Zareei Hajiabadi T.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(6): 557-563, 2014.

ABSTRACT: This study aimed to evaluate the performance of medical sciences university, and health care services in Hormozgan based on Balanced Scorecard model with a fuzzy logic approach. This descriptive (survey) study was done in 2013 to review the performance of the year 2012. The research population includes all managers and senior experts of staff domain involved in evaluating the performance of Hormozgan Medical Sciences University using the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) method. The research was done by a questionnaire consisting of 15 strategic objectives and 25 measures. Its validity and reliability were examined through a scientific method and it was conducted among all study members. After collecting the questionnaire, data, and documents in the University, to analyze the data, fuzzy logic was analyzed in the MATLAB environment. Finally, using gap analysis, the gap between current and desired state was determined. Wilcoxon test results on the evaluation of the University performance based on strategic goals with a fuzzy approach of P = 0.01 indicated that there is a significant difference between current and desired state of university performance. However, based on the balanced scorecard according to the amount of P = 0.06 it was observed that there is no significant difference between the current state and the desired state of the medical sciences university performance. In addition, based on cashes of scorecard in order of preference in favor of recipients of services, financial, growth, learning and internal processes it has the best performance. The performance evaluation using the balanced scorecard model in fuzzy environment can enhance the evaluation accuracy in this model. Therefore, fuzzy logic approach is an appropriate method for evaluating the organization and can increase the accuracy of assessment as well as cover the weaknesses of the scorecard model.
Key words: Performance, Balanced Scorecard (BSC), Fuzzy Logic, Medical Sciences University, Health Care Services, Hormozgan


pii: S225199391400108-4

Predicting the Quality of Life base on Family Function and Identity Styles: in a Sample of Iranian University Students

Original Research, D108

Asghari F, Janalizadeh Kokaneh S, Saadat S, Atefi Karajvandani S. 2014.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(6): 564-569, 2014.

ABSTRACT: The purpose of the current study was predicting the quality of life base on family function and identity styles in a sample of Iranian university students. The research method was a descriptive study kind of correlation. To accomplish this goal, in a correlation study, 400 university students were selected from University of Guilan through a cluster random sampling in the 2013-2014 academic years. The following measures were administered on them: World Health Organization Quality of Life Questionnaire, Family Attachment and Changeability and Identity Style Inventory; that has acceptable reliability and validity were used. Data were analyzed by SPSS.ver.18, using Pearson's correlation test and multivariate regression. Research results showed that there was significant positive relationship between quality of life with informational and normative identity styles and family function among students. Results of the multiple stepwise regressions in this study show that all independent variables in equation during four steps allocate 0.58 of quality of life variance among university students. The results of present study support the importance of family function and identity styles in quality of life Iranian among university students.
Key words: Quality of Life, Mental Health, Family Function, Identity Style 


pii: S225199391400109-4

Relationship between Early Maladaptive Schemas and Coping Styles with Stress

Original Research, D109

Babajani S, Akrami N, Farahani A.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(6): 570-574, 2014.

ABSTRACT: This study aimed to investigate the relation between early maladaptive schemas and checking strategies, has examined 150 women aged between 20 to 30 years. Young schemas questionnaire and coping styles questionnaire are used for collecting information, also pearson correlation coefficient and multiple regression are used for analyzing data. Findings showed that there is a significant negative correlation between abandonment, social isolation, Approval- seeking/ Recognition- seeking, emotional deprivation, subjugation, defectiveness, failure schemas, and problem-focused coping styles, and there is a positive significant correlation between types of schemas and emotion-focused coping styles. Also there is a significant negative correlation between punitiveness schemas and avoidant coping. According to findings of multiple regressions, the only variable which had the predictive power of problem-focused coping styles was defectiveness schema, vulnerability to harm and illness, punitiveness and unrelenting standards schemas have significant role in predicting emotion-focused style, and finally, only the unrelenting standards schema have an affective role in avoidance style predictive model.
Key words: Early maladaptive schemas, Coping Styles


pii: S225199391400110-4

Anti-bacterial Activity of N-halamin in Hospital Fabrics: New Synthesis Approach and Examination of Anti-bacterial Characteristics

Original Research, D110

Maddah B.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(6): 575-578, 2014.

ABSTRACT: An efficient and concise one-pot strategy for the synthesize 1,3-bis(hydroxymethyl)-5,5-dimethylimidazolidine-2,4-dione (DMDM) as the anti-bacterial agent has been developed. The reaction took palce in mild and solvent free condition. The synthesized DMDM were characterized by 1H-NMR and Mass analysis. Then DMDM was grafted onto cotton fabrics through new method and examined them for their antibacterial activity against Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria. This fabric provided powerful and rapid antibacterial activity against E.coli as a Gram-negative bacteria and S.aureus as Gram-positive bacteria. These fabrics interestingly eliminate bacteria form hospital textiles. This is very important characteristic in units where the abundance of such bacteria is very high especially in the hospitals.
Key words: DMDM, Antibacterial Activity, Gram positive and negative bacteria, Grafting process.


pii: S225199391400111-4

Asymmetric Timeliness of Earnings: Cost Stickiness or the Conservatism

Original Research, D111

Maghsuodi F and Bandarian A.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(6): 579-584, 2014.

ABSTRACT: Conditional Conservatism is more demonstrability degree to identify good news as profit than bad news as loss called asymmetric timeliness of earnings too. It can be associated with another phenomenon called the costs bonding. It means that the costs can be increase in proportion to increase in sales, but does not decrease in proportion to its decrease. Both phenomena can influence on asymmetric timing of earnings criterion in a direction. This study considers the profit asymmetric timeliness of earnings due to conservatism and the costs bonding based on a 10-year period from the beginning of 2004 to end of 2012, using the information of 84 listed firms in Exchange of Iran and pooled data; the results showed that the assumption of  being conservatism and the cost bonding in Tehran Exchange is confirmed and leads to asymmetric correlation between the earnings and the sale increases against their decreases and the lack of controlling the costs bonding, also lead to overestimate the conservatism criterion.
Key words: Conventional Conservatism, Costs Bonding Intensity, Selling, General and Administrative Costs


pii: S225199391400055-4

Original Research, D55


J. Life Sci. Biomed., 4(6): , 2014.